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Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is back at it again. His new book, Enchantment, is destined to share space on your bookshelf next to his classic Art of the Start.

Kawasaki’s basic thesis is that the way to create meaning is by changing “the hearts, minds, and actions of people.” This requires enchanting them into believing in and supporting your cause, product, or service. Furthermore, “The goal of enchantment is a long-lasting change – not a onetime sale or transaction.” Kawasaki teaches you how to create something that others will want to evangelize.

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

It’s a simple but powerful idea. Better yet, the steps Kawasaki suggests for implementing the process are also relatively simple. In fact, few of the ideas are new: making a stronger first impression with a genuine smile, appropriate dress, and proper handshake; or using blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to pull people into your sphere of enchantment.

What gives Enchantment its utility is that it picks and chooses the most powerful ideas from multiple disciplines and binds them together into an easy-to-follow roadmap for venture creation, all wrapped around the common theme of creating the conditions for enchantment. Kawasaki distills the salient points of scores of notable works and makes them actionable by time-starved entrepreneurs.

Much of what Kawasaki proposes is probably buried somewhere in your “to-do” list. The enchantment theme gives you a practical framework for organizing and prioritizing your efforts for better long-term results.

Enchantment hits bookstores tomorrow, March 8. However, if you pre-order today, Guy Kawasaki will send you a free copy of Reality Check, another excellent book. To receive this offer, you need to scan your receipt and complete the form here before midnight PST:

Finally, you can see Guy presenting Enchantment at Stanford University in the following video:

We’d love to hear what you think of Enchantment, so please come back to this post and leave your thoughts below.

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