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2,400+ Clients since 2001 • $4.3+ Billion Raised

Testimonials from Hardware & Networking Clients

Our valued clients in the hardware, semiconductor & networking sectors have provided enthusiastic feedback:

Digital Light Innovations

Optical Technology Engineering, Design & Development
Austin, TX

DLi is an Authorized Design House for Texas Instruments, specifically focusing on DLP technology. “DLi had a unique opportunity to present a technology development business plan to a $1B medical development company. However, the plan had to be initiated, completed and presented in three weeks,” said Brian Crowell, President of DLi. “Cayenne Consulting blew away our expectations of having a top-grade business plan for this accelerated opportunity. They clearly understood our situation and knew exactly what our client would be looking for in the plan. The plan, pitch deck and coaching were delivered on time and we are in on-going discussions with the client about a multi-million dollar development. We never would have been in this position on our own.”

EE Instruments

Semiconductor CAD Software
San Jose, CA

EE Instruments develops leading-edge CAD software enabling semiconductor companies to design smaller chips. Cayenne Consulting developed their business plan and financial model. According to Tom Geocaris, CEO, “Cayenne’s one-on-one process of working was effective. I’m very happy with the way the business plan turned out. It’s given us good early traction with investors.”

Ligare Systems

Residential Climate Control Systems
Oakland, CA

Ligare develops and markets residential environmental control systems offering centralized control of zoned HVAC, security, irrigation, lighting, entertainment, and other systems. Cayenne Consulting prepared Ligare’s business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation. “We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Cayenne prepare these materials. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they handled the rest. The results were clear, professional, and persuasive, and the investors and advisors who have seen the materials loved them,” said Lisa Kenney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “They know what investors want, and they delivered.”


Media Asset Management Platform
San Jose, CA & Singapore

Moani develops rich media management and control .NET web service solutions for internal and external corporate communications. Cayenne Consulting developed Moani’s business plan, marketing materials, and investor presentation, and contributed to the development of the financial projections. “I’ve worked with Akira on a variety of ventures over the past several years, and have been very impressed by his work. His business plans and financial models are among the best that I have ever seen, and I’ve seen hundreds. Any company trying to figure out how to get going would do well to have Akira’s help,” said Damon Danielson, President and CEO of Moani.

RedPoint Technologies

Network Security Platform
Washington, DC

RedPoint develops and markets integrated security and management solutions for wireless networks. The initial product offers the highest available level of wireless security while preserving past investments in older wireless networking equipment. Cayenne Consulting developed the company’s business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, and helped the founder expand the management team.

Teknopark US

IT Product Wholesale Distribution
Miami, FL

Teknopark US is a wholesale distributor of technology products primarily in Latin America and Caribbean markets. The Company was formed in September 2012 and began operations in June 2013. Operations began with two employees and have grown to 6 full-time staff, all located in its Miami office and warehouse. While Teknopark inventories and sells a range of products, it specializes in the distribution of mobile phones and smart phones manufactured by companies such as Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and LG. Demian Esquivel, the company’s founder and CEO, said “we needed a business plan that fully complied with the requirements of the U.S. Immigration Authorities and the Cayenne consultant had a great deal of experience in preparing business plans for E-2 visas.”

Wolfcom Enterprises

Body Worn Cameras
Hollywood, CA

Wolfcom Enterprises is a leading designer and manufacturer of body worn cameras used by law enforcement. Cayenne Consulting prepared a business plan, financial forecast and investor presentation deck for the company. “From day one, we knew choosing Cayenne was the right decision,” said Tiffany Wang, Wolfcom’s CEO. “Cayenne was able to understand the complexity of our business from the start and create a truly amazing business plan and pitch deck. What impressed us the most was the ability Cayenne had to help us improve our accounting methods and sales forecasting. With their help we can move forward with more confidence than ever before.”

Xband Technology

Athletic Performance Tracking Devices
Escondido, CA

Xband Technology makes elite training accessible for every athlete with affordable instrumented sports training solutions. The Company’s product line combines multi-sensory technology with data capture and analytics to improve an individual’s overall athletic performance regardless of the sport. Cayenne Consulting developed Xband Technology’s financial model. “Thank you again for the help- awesome work on the financials,” said Steve Kim, Founder and President. “You really helped bring clarity and shaped the info in a way that is easily digestible and brings credibility to investors.“

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