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New Entrepreneur Reality TV Show: Shark Tank

New Entrepreneur Reality TV Show Shark Tank

ABC and Mark Burnett Productions are developing a new reality program putting entrepreneurs through the fundraising hoops. There’s still time to make the casting call if you’re interested in applying. Here’s what they have to say:

The producers of the new ABC reality series Shark Tank are on a nationwide search to discover the next successful – and possibly wealthy – entrepreneurs, inventors, businesspersons, dreamers, promoters, creators and innovators. In each episode, budding entrepreneurs are given the unprecedented chance to make their business ideas come true.

If you feel you have a lucrative business idea but just can’t seem to secure the financial backing to get it off the ground, then Shark Tank is just the show for you. Casting is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who can pitch their breakthrough business concepts, products, properties and services to moguls in hopes of landing investment funds. If selected, five real-life, tough investors could be willing to part with their own hard-earned cash and give you the funding you need to jumpstart your idea. But the investors, also known as Sharks, aren’t just out to invest; they too have a goal — to own a piece of your next big idea.

Your business idea should be top-notch and something the Sharks will really want to sink their teeth into and might even spark a bidding war between them. Who knows – you could be the fortunate entrepreneur who gets the Sharks to reveal the true level of their interest and bid up the price of your investment!

All interested parties should email Lindsay Spaulding at [email protected] with the following information: Name, Age, Hometown, Phone, Photo; Are you an: Inventor, Entrepreneur or both?

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  1. Better than Donald Trump show.
    Our economy can benefit from “investors” backing small businesses and inventors.
    The show on August 16, 09 was very interesting. The “sharks” showed their methodology and the people needing assistance had the opportunity to get backing and managerial support.
    The “seat belt interlock” needs to be picked-up by some investor(s). the primary market is not new cars… this product is applicable to older cars and need to be sold in the “after-market”.
    This product needs the backing of the insurance institute.
    Keep this show on the air… we need more programs of this type of show.

  2. The seat belt interlock system “inventor” should have taken the money and ran.

    Detroit installed these duds in the early 1970’s and the big money maker among mechanics was (illegally)disabling them for their customers.

    While they would have no interest in buying back this “invention,” rest assure that they would have enough lawyers keeping any other investors busy should they not pay them royalties based on their original patents.

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