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The Entrepreneur’s Library: Running Your Business

Running Your Business

  • Ethics
    What goes around comes around. Be a good corporate citizen, play fair, and earn respect.
  • Financial Management
    Cash is king. Learn to take good care of it, or you’ll fall victim to the ONLY reason companies ultimately fail: running out of money.
  • Human Resources
    HR isn’t just about hiring and firing. Learn to structure incentive programs, run payroll, comply with employment laws, and much more.
  • Insurance
    Make sure you’ve got the coverage mandated by the law and good business practices.
  • Management & Culture
    Learn how to get the absolute best out of your startup team.
  • Marketing & Public Relations
    So you’ve got a product. Now how do you get the word out? You can’t expect a viral video to do all of the work for you – you need a real marketing plan.
  • Minority & Women Owned Businesses
    Websites and articles of special interest to minority and women entrepreneurs.
  • Real Estate
    Find an affordable office, industrial space, or retail space for your business.
  • Sales & Business Development
    You don’t have a real business until you actually sell something. Here are tips for making that first sale and then building and growing your sales machine.
  • SOHO – Small Office / Home Office
    Working from home? These resources can help you set up shop and be productive from day one.
  • Tax
    Why pay more in tax than you have to? Even if your business isn’t profitable, things you do now may affect what you owe in the future.

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