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The Entrepreneur’s Library: Ethics for Startup Founders


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Features articles and other links related to business ethics, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Company Values Statement as Part of the Business Plan

"Business ethics and values may matter more than ever. People are looking for companies with values. Investors want to invest in socially responsible companies who can also make money for them. Customers are craving to buy from companies who employ U.S. workers and from whom they can buy U.S. products. Employees are looking for employers they can respect and earn their respect in return. There is the background for your corporate values statement."

Core Values for Ethical Entrepreneurship

"In the wake of the scandals that have wrecked havoc on the ethics of corporate America, it bears noting that not all major companies have behaved badly. Indeed, organizations such as Johnson & Johnson have routinely been cited for good citizenship; a classic case in ethical behavior was that entity's quick decision to recall during the Tylenol situation of a few years back."

SBA's Guide: Stay legally compliant

Keep your business compliant with state and federal business laws. Your legal responsibilities will depend on your business and location.

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