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The Entrepreneur’s Library: Tax Resources for Startups


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Current vs. Capitalized Expenses

An easy-to-understand explanation of when a given expense can be deducted from your business income. It all depends in part on what type of expense it is: current or capitalized. Small Business Tax Center

How Corporations Are Taxed

It pays to learn the ups and downs of corporate taxation before you incorporate.

How LLC Members Are Taxed

Like the owners of sole proprietorships and partnerships, LLC owners report business income and losses on their personal tax returns. It also gives tips on when to consider incorporating.

IRS- Business

Business page of the Internal Revenue Service contains links on starting a business, obtaining employer ID numbers, employment taxes and other topics.

Online collection of paycheck calculators. Ideal for what-if payroll calculations and off-cycle payroll checks.

Preparing for an Audit

A tax audit will be much less worrisome if you prepare for it. This article gives tips on what you will need.

Small Business Taxes & Management

Tax information and strategy, updated daily.

Small Business Taxes: What You Need to Know

Running a small business is one of the most involved careers one can have. Most of the time, you are focused on the day-to-day concerns of running your business, but the financial aspect cannot be ignored. This financial aspect includes taxes. Taxes owed and small business tax deductions you qualify for can profoundly affect your business’s financial health.

What Auditors Look for When Examining a Business

Know what an IRS auditor looks for when examining your business and its records.

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