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Why do Entrepreneurs Need Product Management Skills?

An entrepreneur is someone who decides to start and run a business with limited resources. They are responsible for all the rewards and risks the business presents. The business also commonly focuses on a new product or service rather than an existing business model. An entrepreneur must also possess multiple skills, including product management.

Why do Entrepreneurs Need Product Management Skills?

Product management is a fast-paced, collaborative role that taps into almost any industry. You can find product managers in healthcare, finance, tech, manufacturing, and other businesses. Accelerated programs have also become popular over the years as they offer the chance to complete and excel in your course within a shorter period. For product management, you’ll find product manager bootcamps that incorporate technological and interactive skills.

Here are the typical tasks of a product manager:

  • Communicating with teams on decision-making and product construction strategies.
  • Researching on advanced stages of the design thinking cycle.
  • Analyzing customer product relationships.
  • Using strategic tools for product hypothesis validation.
  • Preparing presentations.

Merging Entrepreneurship With Product Management

Product management hosts a set of skills that entrepreneurs can use when managing their businesses.

1. Communication

Written and verbal communication are the basics of any business, which is essential for entrepreneurs. Product management understands the importance of communicating within their teams and customers. The ability of persuasion during a sale is a skill that will increase the chances that, as an entrepreneur, you succeed. As a product manager, you are data-driven and outcome-driven when growing a business. This means that as an entrepreneur, you could use these skills to focus on initiatives and features that propel a business forward.

2. Product Managers have Diplomatic and Political Skills

As much as product managers can have excellent communication skills, it’s also essential to be diplomatic and political. This allows them to navigate through any challenging encounters. They are always looking out for the best interest for both the business and its customers. Product managers must always make the best decision based on what the people want.

3. A Better View of Business and the Market

Product management exposes an individual to different roles and departments within a company. This gives them a total view of a business and the markets that surround it. This critical product management skill, especially in early startups, gives you experience that teaches you that a business is more than just a set of features and a product. The entire business model requires effort and collaboration. Through product management skills, entrepreneurs can learn marketing, finance, and how to launch a product. This encompasses crucial skills beyond features and products, such as UX product design, emphasizing the collaborative effort needed to shape and launch successful products within the broader business model.

4. Product Managers Prioritize

Product managers understand how to think, understand agility, and prioritize using models of value and costs. Successful entrepreneurs will realize the opportunities presented to them. They can use their product management skills to focus on a specific product and market.

Product managers focus on personalization. They understand that customers are not generic. Product managers work by developing specific profiles for each customer. These could be customers they already serve or ones they want to attract. They work on meaningful characteristics to produce unique offerings and tailor-made products for customers.

5. They Understand Product Strategy

A product development strategy doesn’t only look at ways of initiating your product. Instead, the idea is to integrate several views of a product and then communicate how it creates and captures value for its customers. Product managers are strategists, and part of their role involves defining and executing a firm strategy. They can assess and select markets to identify potential profitability. Product managers are engaged with core strategy business decisions.

‍6. Teamwork

Working in a team is a very common strategy used by product managers. One of the misconceptions is that entrepreneurs work single-handedly until the work is done. In reality, every successful entrepreneur needs someone to assist in making the dream work. Entrepreneurs need to pull together different individuals and teams in the same ways as product managers.

7. Product Management Gives a Clear Picture of the Entire Experience

As a product manager, you learn to see the entire experience through customized valuations. Customers will commonly give feedback based on the entire experience received from a company and not just the product or service. If the product is excellent, but customers don’t understand some matters or struggle to reach customer service, this reflects poorly on the company’s offering. Entrepreneurs can learn from a product manager’s accountability regarding the whole offering, which includes the physical product and service.

8. Product Managers Understand Profitability

By selecting where to invest in developing new and enhancing existing products, product managers have to recognize profitability. Product managers also understand that each decision made has a cost attached to it. So, they have to direct the company’s resources towards profitable trade-offs.‍

Become A Great Entrepreneur Product Manager

Being a great entrepreneur and product manager also means having additional skills in your portfolio.

Find a Balance Between Being Liked and Being Firm

Know when to be firm and get the work done. Product managers are accountable for several aspects of a company, including the success and failure of products. As an entrepreneur, you’re responsible for the entire company and you need to know when to say ‘NO.’

As a product manager or entrepreneur, you must be motivated and always push your teams in the right direction. Sometimes, this can be hard, as some people may take offense. Be firm where necessary, and learn to say no to inappropriate behavior and work inconsistencies. At the same time, build a team spirit within your group with trust and understanding.

Balance Between Strategy and Tactic

Some managers and entrepreneurs will spend hours on the theory side of work and less time on the action part. It’s essential to find a balance between the two and have equal time for both so you don’t neglect the other. Great entrepreneur product managers balance strategy and tactics. Both sides have to be activated to become great leaders and business owners.

Balance Between Knowledge and Evidence

As much as a gut feeling could be correct, you must check the evidence you face. A balance between the two makes you one of the greatest as an entrepreneur or product manager. Learn to trust the figures, too.


Entrepreneurship forces you to wear several hats, meaning you need several skills. As an entrepreneur, running a startup or several makes you a product manager. Remember, a great product manager makes an excellent entrepreneur.

Jason Wells is a professional writer and occasional contributor to various business and technology blogs.

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