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How to Design a More Efficient Hiring Process for Your Company

The job application and hiring process is different today than ever before. Most people apply online, and many applicants have a variety of metrics and KPIs on their CV to show off their skills, experience and paint themselves in the best light possible.


Just like applicants are improving their resumes and CVs in creative ways, you need to do the same with your hiring process as a company. In particular, you should aim at making your hiring process more efficient. This has the potential to save you a ton of both time and money.

Without any further ado, this article is going to go over how your business can go about designing a more efficient hiring process.

Use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Relying on technology to improve your hiring process is a good idea, and in particular, you should be using an applicant tracking system. The benefits of an applicant tracking system include making it easier for people to apply for jobs, managing all of your candidates, gathering information from them, filtering applicants and categorizing them, and many others.

All in all, it is a tool that can save you a ton of work, and ensure you bring in and hire the right individuals. It can drastically reduce the paperwork required, can make onboarding and training easier, and keep track of everything hiring-related at your firm. There are many different providers, so do your research and potentially try a few out before deciding which is right for your business.

Create Detailed and Thorough Job Descriptions

Creating better job ads and descriptions can go a long way in making your hiring process more efficient. The more detailed your description, the easier it will be to evaluate potential candidates. Ensure you add specific information about duties, education requirements, have straightforward and understandable job titles, use clear language, and highlight why working for your company is good.

If your descriptions are overly broad and free of detail, you will get a wider range of individuals applying, even if they aren’t the right fit. Be sure to also give examples of the projects a person might need to do, or how they may need to use their education or certificates. Sure, a detailed and fully-fledged description takes more time, but it is worth it to attract the right candidates. You can use the help of a professional hiring company, like Horizons, to hire the right fit for your company, also help you with paying and managing your teams.

Improve Your Interviews


Another way to make your hiring more efficient and successful is to improve your interview process. This interview process encapsulates everything from scheduling interviews to performing light phone interviews, to lengthy in-person interviews that decide which candidate gets the job.

You need to do all you can to ensure your interview process isn’t flawed. This flaw could be that you ask too many pointless questions, intimidate the candidates, miss obvious red flags, or don’t give the applicant enough time to respond. A rushed interview, or one that doesn’t get into as much detail as necessary are also common problems.

The interview should be about getting to know an individual, and if their skills and experience match up with what you are looking for. Be as open and honest as possible, and let people know what they should expect when working for your company.

Improve the Experience for Potential Candidates

Your hiring process and how candidates interact with your business will give them the first impression of your company. If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to make sure that this first impression is a good one. This can be done by focusing on improving the candidate experience.

Some of the common ways to give a boost to candidate experience include making the application process shorter or smoother, communicating well with candidates throughout the process, and ensuring your website and careers information is kept updated. One of the safest ways to do that is by using staff augmentation services or contracting a PEO which will handle the hiring process more efficiently for you.

If you ensure candidates have a good experience, both in terms of hiring and onboarding, it can go a long way in improving loyalty and reducing how much time, energy, and money is spent on hiring efforts.

We hope that this guide has been able to help you design a more efficient and effective hiring process for your business. Hiring isn’t always easy, but trying to make your process as efficient as possible is always a good idea.

Jason Wells is a professional writer and occasional contributor to various business and technology blogs.

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