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6 Best Commercial Real Estate Marketing Software

A certain amount of knowledge is not the only thing you need to succeed in commercial real estate, you need an effective CRE marketing strategy too. Developing an omnichannel marketing approach helps drive interest for your commercial properties, build trust in your brand and boost your revenue potential exceptionally.

CRE Marketing Software

Successful CRE marketing hinges on having the right set of marketing software and tools that put time-consuming tasks on autopilot, close more deals, and stay on top of current market trends. Luckily, a variety of marketing tools is available to leverage each channel and the best practices within to help commercial real estate companies and brokers reach their audience more effectively.

Since there are loads of options available on the market for commercial real estate marketing software, it can be challenging to know which is the right fit for your real estate CRM and marketing needs. To help you out, help out in this matter, we have created a list of the best commercial real estate marketing software that offers the most value and influence your marketing efforts vigorously.


SharpLaunch is one of the best CRE marketing software to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. Whether it is the matter of building a property website, email marketing, analytics, or CRE lead management, everything you can do with this cloud-based commercial real estate marketing software. SharpLaunch also allows you to complete online Confidentiality Agreements to streamline business processes and save time for both clients and brokers. Furthermore, you can add, remove or replace as many team members as you want because every plan of SharpLaunch comes with unlimited user accounts.


Buildout is a CRE marketing and management software with an intuitive interface to simplify commercial real estate marketing and dealmaking. This cloud-based software has been designed for commercial real estate professionals to put time-consuming marketing and property listing tasks on autopilot. When you are using Buildout, there is no need to use other tools for creating and publishing marketing materials, proposals, and property listings. The software makes sure every step of your commercial real estate marketing business is faster and connected with the database so you can make informed and fertile decisions. You can also assign tasks across your team using Buildout to craft quick proposals to close more deals.


VTS is reliable leasing, asset management, and marketing software for CRE professionals to revolutionize every aspect of commercial property management and listing. Over 45000 commercial real estate companies and brokers are using VTS to influence their decisions and strategies to close more deals faster. This is an online platform for CRE professionals to centralize CRE operations, improve digital marketing, and make intelligent investing with help of real-time market data.


RCM is a streamlined online marketplace for commercial real estate professionals. You can get all the important tools here that you need to succeed in the CRE market and close more deals. From integrated CRE marketing, and listing engine to transaction management and BI solutions, everything you can get on this single integrated platform.


Matterport is a reliable platform for advanced cameras and software systems required to create 3D imaging and virtual walk-throughs for commercial properties. CRE professionals can create high-quality virtual tours for their clients to make CRE listings more immersing and attractive. Matterport is also a great choice to create digital floor plans with greater accuracy, so you can give potential leads a better idea of your commercial property’s size and look. This could be a great addition to your CRE arsenal to enhance your CRE listings and leverage other marketing strategies.

Flipping Book

FlippingBook could be the best commercial real estate marketing software for you if you want to convert long and boring property listing PDFs into realistic flipbooks online. Plain PDFs or other forms of content cannot engage your audience effectively. But interactive flipbooks can keep your audience engage from start to end and measure content performance as well. The software could efficiently increase brand integrity by adding clickable logo, images, videos, and links to your real estate website to each flipbook created. You can also share these online flipbooks across your digital assets and commercial real estate directories to measure the content performance and get valuable audience insights to personalize your marketing and sales strategies. In simple words, FlippingBook can creatively turn long and boring property-related documents and booklets into immersing and engaging flipbook.

Final Verdict

There is a big number of software and tools when it comes to commercial real estate marketing and management. Though, the best commercial real estate marketing software are the ones that streamline time-consuming tasks and automate business processes to free up more time for things that matter most. Instead of adopting any new tool available in the market, assess your current workflow and see what features you need in CRE marketing software. This will allow you to choose the best option that fulfills all your needs at once.


Grata is a comprehensive deal sourcing platform tailored for innovative dealmakers seeking a competitive edge in the commercial real estate market. It facilitates finding, researching, and engaging with private companies. The platform offers diverse functionalities, including private equity deal sourcing, market mapping, investment banking deal origination, buyer list building, targeted market research for acquisitions, and next-generation market intelligence. Built by 30 engineers and supported by 40 QA analysts, Grata’s search engine technology processes data at a rate equivalent to 3,000 analysts. This ensures comprehensive coverage and the ability never to miss a deal. Grata is recognized for its diligence grade quality, being used by eight of the top ten consulting firms for commercial due diligence. It provides deeper data, including up to 25 data points per company, covering more than 12 million hard-to-find companies”

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