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Money, money, money! This month's articles will help you select the right funding source, get you on a solid financial track for freelancing success, and help you identify when you need a financial forecast for your franchise. We also pull back the curtain on the strategies that have Orangetheory on the road to a $1 billion year and give you some tips to being better at pitching your products and services in today's market.

Featured Resource

Is Your Concept Feasible?

Cayenne Consulting's Capital Comparison Table

Looking for capital and not sure which funding source is best for you? We've got just the thing to help you. Cayenne Consulting's Capital Comparison Table will concisely explain different capital sources, which ones are best for each situation, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Here's our comparison of 31 capital sources, which contrasts their main attributes so you can make an informed decision about how to finance your business.

Latest Posts

Is Your Concept Feasible?

Four Steps to Freelance Success

Considering being a freelancer? Planning for this significant change can help increase your odds of successfully building your business and keep you sane in the early years. Here are four steps to help you plan so you can smoothly ride the inevitable peaks and valleys of a new freelance career.

Is Your Concept Feasible?

You May Need a Franchise Financial Forecast If...

We have in-depth experience in advising franchise businesses and have generated financial projections for many successful franchisees. We thought it might be helpful to put together some guidelines so you can decide if a financial forecast for your would-be franchise is a good idea. We also share examples of how a well-constructed financial projection can help you plan for your business' success. Lastly, we wrap up with a to-do list for you so you can prepare to get a forecast completed. Read our financial forecast guidelines and to-do list here.

Orangetheory Fitness

How Orangetheory Put Itself on Track to Achieve $1 Billion in Revenue

Wouldn't you like to know the details of how a new business in an oversaturated market managed to grow to over 800 franchises in eight years? Orangetheory is on track to earn $1 Billion in revenue, and yes, their strategies for success can work for your business, too. Get the skinny on Orangetheory's marketing magic here.

Is Your Concept Feasible?

The Challenger Sale

You probably know that pitching a product or service, or, well, anything, has dramatically changed over the years. And, according to Mattew Dixon, author of the new book, "The Challenger Sale," it all comes down to bringing the "Challenger" model into your sales pitches. We reviewed his book for you and pulled out the key points as well as some easy steps to bring the Challenger approach into your business today.

Goodies from the Archives

business valuation

The High-Tech Startup Valuation Calculator

If you’re wondering what your pre-money valuation is, try our calculator. Although it’s intended for educational and entertainment purposes, most of the people who have provided feedback have said that the numbers are often reasonable. Try it here.

turn your idea into a business

Turn Your Idea Into a Business

We regularly get asked to help build roadmaps that shape ideas into businesses. And, even though it is our specialty, we believe a business plan is not the right place to begin because there is much to do before you can create an executable business plan.

Here is a step-by-step approach to help you turn your idea into your business.

Who Wants a Gift Card?

We all know that the best way to get new business is through word of mouth.

If you know an entrepreneur who could use help with their business plan, pitch deck, and financial model? Please send them to our website and ask them to put your name in the "How did you find us?" field when they contact us.

If they hire Cayenne Consulting, we'll send you a $100 Amazon gift card!

About Cayenne Consulting

Cayenne Consulting assists startups and emerging growth ventures (including new initiatives at large firms) by developing business plans, financial forecasts, pitch decks, business models, business valuations, research reports, and more.

Cayenne also provides specialty services such as exit and succession planning, grant writing, business turnaround consulting, and strategic planning.

Cayenne has served over 2,000 clients since 2001. Our consultants have prepared materials that have played an important role in raising over $4.3 billion.*

* Note that Cayenne Consulting is not a broker-dealer and therefore cannot raise capital for our clients.
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