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Hemp Business Plan Consultants

Here is an example of a hemp industry business plan that one of our clients has graciously allowed us to share with you.

In addition to the example below, we have prepared business plans for many types of businesses in the hemp & CBD industry, including those listed below the example business plan.

If you are interested in an assessment of your needs and a fee estimate to create your hemp business plan, just complete the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get one of our expert hemp industry consultants in touch with you.

Hemp Business Plan Example for LTRMN, LLC

Our Hemp Business Plan Experience

Hemp Cultivation

  • Hemp Soil Amendment – Tucson, AZ
  • Hemp Cultivation & Processing – Salinas, CA
  • Hemp Cultivation, Wholesale – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Hemp Cultivation & Processing – Denver, CO
  • Hemp Cultivation, Wholesale – Washington, DC
  • Hemp Cultivation – Rochester, NY
  • Hemp Biogenetics – Rochester, NY

Hemp Processing & Packaging

  • Hemp Processing Equipment – San Diego, CA
  • Hemp Oil Extraction & Processing – Denver, CO
  • Hemp Oil Extraction Products, B2B – Denver, CO

Hemp & CBD Products

  • CBD Products for Veterans with PTSD – San Diego, CA
  • Medical CBD – Rochester, NY
  • CBD Ice Cream Production – Portland, OR
  • CBD Products & Branding – Portland, OR

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Hemp Business Plan Consultants

Meet our team of Hemp business plan consultants:

Devin Berger, MBA, Business Plan Consultant

Devin Berger, MBA

Principal Consultant
Boston, MA
Devin has over 25 years of experience in marketing and senior management of emerging growth companies, startups, and global consumer products companies. She has advised companies in numerous...
Read More
Lee Muhl, JD, Business Plan Consultant

Lee Muhl, JD

Principal Consultant
Portland, OR & Los Angeles, CA
Lee Muhl’s consulting practice spans a number of industries and sectors.  Lee works constantly in real estate, cannabis/agribusiness, and Internet content platforms, but his practice...
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Michael Robbins, Business Plan Consultant

Michael Robbins

Principal Consultant
Seattle, WA
Michael Robbins has over 25 years of experience in financial services and he has contributed to the capitalization of 500 companies that raised hundreds of millions of dollars. As an investor...
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Cheree Warrick, MSF, Business Plan Consultant

Cheree Warrick, MSF

Principal Consultant
Washington, DC
Cheree Warrick writes business plans and creates financial forecasts for companies seeking funding from banks and angel investors. During her 5-year tenure at a national government contracting...
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Help me write a great Hemp business plan!

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