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Testimonials by Devin Berger's Clients

Business plan for Almighty Sports

Almighty Sports
Athletic Apparel
Agawam, MA

Almighty Sports is an apparel company that sells athletic sportswear to men, women and children. Cayenne Consulting was hired to develop their business plan and financial model. According to Larry Garlington, President of Almighty Sports, “I am extremely pleased with the business plan and financial model and I appreciated the consultant’s patience throughout the process. The value of the advice alone makes everything worthwhile.”

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Business plan for Bikini Thief

Bikini Thief
Online Apparel Retail
New York, NY

Bikini Thief is an e-commerce site that sells swimwear and swim accessories to young women. Cayenne Consulting was hired to develop their business plan and financial model. According to Greg Taddeo, President of Bikini Thief, “We at Bikini Thief like to pride ourselves on providing clients with both a great product and exemplary customer service. After working with Cayenne Consulting, I can whole heartily recommend their services and skills. From start to finish [the consultant] engaged us to create a multifaceted and professional presentation, worthy of the savviest of Wall Street firms.”

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Business plan for BloomBoss

Hydroponic/Cannabis Products, Grow Lights
Framingham, MA

BloomBoss, LLC offers everything that indoor gardeners need to optimize their growing environment and maximize yield and output throughout the entire growth lifecycle. The product line includes “intelligent” LED grow lights, consumables, remote monitoring and security devices, and complete grow kits. “Cayenne offered invaluable strategic advice and direction for developing a compelling business plan and financial model that will increase the likelihood of obtaining investor financing,” said Chuck Siegel, CEO. “The entire business planning process gave me the opportunity to evaluate and refine my business model, which will help ensure success over the long term.”

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Business plan for Caterpilly LLC

Caterpilly LLC
Mobile Health
Pittsfield, MA

Caterpilly, LLC is an m-Health company that provides subscribers with a series of daily text messages that offer encouragement and reminders to accomplish long-term goals and healthy habits. According to Lara Aillon-Sohl, “The Cayenne Business Plan looks amazing! I am so appreciative of the work and attention that they gave to my project. In the next month I will be reaching out to potential advisors and partners. The Business Plan will certainly provide evidence and legitimacy. Thank you!”

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Business plan for Compass Chauffers

Compass Chauffers
Private Chauffeurs for Individuals and Businesses
Boston, MA

Compass Chauffeurs provides premium chauffeurs for its clients that can be hired hourly or through a monthly or annual membership. The Company uses only Jaguar XJL’s and Range Rovers, and the workforce includes former servicemen and women from the United States Armed Forces. Cayenne Consulting developed the Company’s business plan and financial model. According to Loubens Bruno, CEO of Compass Chauffeurs, “Working with Cayenne was extremely valuable and has helped us to develop a compelling package for prospective investors. Through the process, we were able to develop a comprehensive five-year plan for the company and it was a pleasure working with the Company.”

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Business plan for Consumer Break

Consumer Break
Internet Marketing
Spencer, WV

Consumer Break is a mobile app that maximizes the value of mobile advertising and increases the ROI for advertisers by using advertising images in popular consumer puzzle games. Michael Eisenberg, CEO, wrote: “Cayenne has been indispensable to us in our development stage. The detail and presentation of our business plan and pitch deck is now of a quality that it can be proudly presented to any prospective investor. The financial model is an exhaustive variable tool that will be of permanent calculable use. I had previously spent many hours researching relevant data in market research. [Our consultant] provided what seems to be all the relevant data in the world in one PDF file. Now all I have to do is scroll, copy, and paste. If I were to ask a stupid question (and I have), [the consultant] would promptly and politely answer with an essay of context and explanation. Cayenne’s pricing is very competitive and affordable which was very important to us at our stage of development, I look forward to turning to Cayenne again at any opportunity.”

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Business plan for DLAB Audio

DLAB Audio
Music Recording Studio
Burbank, CA

DLAB Audio is a new studio in Burbank California that has state-of-the-art equipment, seasoned mentors and professionals, and highly qualified engineers who offer innovative solutions for musicians. According to CEO Steve Wilk, "[Cayenne Consulting] created an amazing Business Plan which was the foundation of my E2 Visa [application]. My lawyers were so impressed they asked for [Cayenne's] contact for their other clients."

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Business plan for EZ Records

EZ Records
Atlanta, GA

EZ Records is an independent record label that is producing and marketing the music of top hip-hop and rap artists. CEO Wendy Day wrote: "I'm extremely happy with [the consultant's] work. She was patient with my time constraints and delivered a business plan that looks fabulous."

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Business plan for
Upton, MA allows contractors to rent construction equipment. Cayenne Consulting developed the company’s business plan, financial model, and investor presentation. Intelli-Rent raised investment funds and launched the site. “The process of working with [the consultant] to develop economic assumptions helped us to analyze our business issues in depth and in turn we were able to create an optimal plan for our future,” said Andy Leonard, President of

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Business plan for Longest Stay, The

Longest Stay, The
Luxury Home Furnishings
London, England

The Longest Stay (TLS) sells luxury home furnishings to affluent consumers. Products are sold through an online store and an online home decor magazine. Sherry Roberts, CEO and founder said: "Having worked with several consultants and slightly frustrated, it was not until I met Cayenne Consulting did I have the results I needed. Their experienced consultant met beyond my expectations in her overall knowledge of the industry and specifically pulling solid arguments together with accurate financial projections. I would highly recommend Cayenne to anyone who wants a business plan that is investor solid."

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Business plan for Lyracos

New York, NY

Lyracos is in the process of developing a virtual world that helps educate kids about financial responsibility. Cayenne developed the business plan, financial model, and investor presentation. According to Nan Tilton, President of Lyracos, “I give [the consultant] an A+++ recommendation. She helped us completely reposition the business and develop a compelling plan for investors.”

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Business plan for ModelLauncher

Miami Beach, FL

ModelLauncher is an online site that helps models launch their careers. The Company’s e-commerce site sells professional cosmetics that are created specifically for models or women who want to look like models. Cayenne Consulting developed ModelLauncher’s business plan and financial model. According to Bill Staniford, CEO of ModelLauncher and previous CEO of, “I worked with [the consultant] on several iterations of our business model. I appreciated the professionalism and expertise that she provided during the process. In the end, we were able to develop a compelling business model that has been praised by the investment community.”

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Business plan for STEELE MILZ

Sports Apparel
Ashburn, VA

STEELE MILZ has launched a line of patent-protected innovative compression shorts that corrects the design flaws of standard undergarments. Its G-Port technology incorporates an ergonomic pouch, which provides users with exceptional comfort and added stability. According to CEO Tyrone Steele, "Special thanks to [our consultant] for her patience in explaining the inner workings of my financial model and her amazing eye for detail in the preparation of my Pitch Deck. Her in-depth knowledge of my industry is second to none. I hope she realizes how important her work is to the families and small business community that seek the American dream of financial stability through hard work and the great deliverables she provides. Cayenne is simple one of the best consulting firms I have ever worked with!!!”

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Business plan for Switch

Electronic Bicycle Rentals
Standish, ME

Switch Systems in an electronic bike rental company. Cayenne Consulting developed the financial model and business plan. According to Ryan Schrater, CEO of the Company, “[The consultant] was always available to address any of my concerns. She showed extravagant professionalism in her work and was not only a great consultant but also a friend. I hope to continue with a relationship with Cayenne in the future.”

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Business plan for Toyopolis

Putnam, CT

Toyopolis is an e-commerce site that sells toys, games, and hobbies. Cayenne Consulting developed the business plan, financial model, and investor presentation for Toyopolis. According to John Gazzola, President and CEO of Toyopolis, "Working with Cayenne greatly exceeded my expectations. I expected to get just a business plan writer; instead I got a business consultant. Having someone to bounce ideas off was great! I also liked the fact that my consultant was willing to challenge my assumptions, rather than just accept them in order to get the project completed quickly." John also stated, “I was so impressed with the level of professionalism and compelling intellect of my consultant, I would doubt very much that it could be equaled or exceeded elsewhere… In my opinion, you’re simply not serious about getting financing unless you have an exceptional business plan and presentation like the ones from Cayenne.”

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