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Charlie Kickham, MBA – Principal Consultant

Charlie Kickham, MBA, Business Plan Consultant

Charlie Kickham, MBA - Principal Consultant
New York, NY

Charlie offers over 20 years of experience in finance, strategic partnership development, organizational restructuring, real estate development, and business development to Cayenne Consulting. Charlie's experience extends from Wall Street to startups, delivering large-company fiscal and operational discipline to emerging companies whose structures are most fragile in their early years. Operating both in the trenches as an entrepreneur and on the outside as an investor/advisor, Charlie understands the needs and demands of each. His experience lends itself well to startups' quest for capital and the need for sound judgment in getting their business off the ground. This includes organizational management, operational strategies, process and technology roadmaps, revenue and cash flow projections, financial models and forecasts, legal and capital structures, advisory board and ramp-up strategies, technology development, and team building.

Charlie's core financial strength blends operational efficiency with a mandate to improve existing structures and best practices continuously. Such strengths were evident at TD Waterhouse, where Charlie helped develop the firm's global treasury operations and then rose to the leadership of one of its most profitable and critical business units, directing strategic/operational planning, financial forecasting, budgeting, securities lending, firm funding, cash management, and risk management initiatives, with ultimate responsibility over the firm's cash maximization. Charlie employs such tactics in the startup environment where the early years of launching are some of the most critical.

Charlie has been, and continues to be, a founding member of multiple Internet startups in many fields. He is also the Managing Partner at Avos Holdings, focusing on opportunistic investments in real estate and corporate finance.

His business planning experience spans Internet & mobile, social media, SaaS, sports, restaurants, bars, hospitality, retail, real estate & construction, gyms, spas, manufacturing, education, financial services, media & entertainment, apparel & accessories, consumer products, and more.

Charlie holds MBA degrees from New York University's Stern School of Business and the London School of Economics. He mentors at NYU's Berkley School of Entrepreneurial Studies and at entrepreneurial programs involving inner-city New York City high school students.

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