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2,400+ Clients since 2001 • $4.3+ Billion Raised

Testimonials by Michael’s Clients


Yakima, WA

CoffeeNow is a unique delivery concept. CoffeeNow’s scheduled vans enable consumers to get a variety of beverages delivered without any noticeable fee, or loss of time or productivity, and can fit into employer schedules. “Cayenne went far above and beyond our expectations. You get far more than what you pay for their services,” said CoffeeNow CEO Jordan West. “Cayenne was able to bring new ideas to the table and was a very big part of our team.” CoffeeNow President Kaleb Schrank said, “Working with Cayenne has truly been an exceptional experience. They were able to take our vision, and turn it into a masterpiece of a business plan. Every bank, investor, and accountant we have showed our plan to have all made the comment that ‘this is one of the best business plans we have seen.’”

Creatrix Solutions

Healthcare Devices
Kennewick, WA

Creatrix Solutions offers a wide range of products and services designed to dramatically improve the health of consumers. These include the proprietary ion plasma air purifier Breathe Safe®, water ozonators, mobile near-infrared saunas, and other products guided by personalized testing. “Cayenne Consulting did an excellent job on my business plan,” said Creatrix founder Eileen Durfee. “I can’t say enough about the beneficial advice I have received from working Cayenne Consulting. I am becoming more successful because of their consulting services. Highly recommended!”

Moringo Organics

Franklin, TN

Moringo Organics caters to the need for high quality and specially formulated health products. Moringa Oleifera is a cornerstone for building a healthier lifestyle and it is charged with the strongest natural antioxidants available enhanced with vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals to boost overall energy levels, substantially supplement daily nutritional needs, and boost the body’s immune system. “It was great working with Cayenne on our plan. The consultant was very easy to talk to and I had to do little to no work for him to provide us with a Class A plan,” said CEO James Corriveau. “My experience with Cayenne more the exceeded my expectations. I have tried in the past putting a business plan together and with lots of hours put into doing it still don’t even come close to what Cayenne was able to do for us.”

Obstacle Course Central, LLC

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
Woodinville, CA

Obstacle Course Central is developing an indoor training facility for ninja warriors and their fans. Cayenne Consulting developed OCC’s business plan and financial forecast. “Thanks for all the hard work and revisions with the plan and the numbers! I feel much more confident both for myself and from a fundraising standpoint. Interesting how it’s such a subtle shift but an important one when you realize your thinking has shifted from ‘I’m going out and asking people for money’ to ‘I’m giving people an opportunity to invest,’” said President and founder Joel Lenox. “I’m sure you can appreciate the confidence it provides; the attitude it conveys is very empowering. Nothing is guaranteed of course and there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done but at least I feel like we’ve created a very solid foundation to build on. I truly believe your time is incredibly valuable, and wanted to thank you for all your help and advice with the presentation!”

REX Veterinary Services

Pet Services
Edmonds, WA

There is a new discipline of veterinary medicine emerging: in-home veterinary pet hospice and in-home euthanasia services. REX makes vet entrepreneurs or “Vetrepreneurs” more successful through a tailored set of business solutions aimed at increasing their profitability and simultaneously affording a better lifestyle. “Working with Cayenne was fantastic,” said REX Veterinary Services President Dennis Hopkins. “Friendly and knows what they’re doing. They make creating complex financial projections look easy.”


Personal Fitness
Bellevue, WA

TPxFIT is introducing a safe and effective training method at fitness centers in the Pacific Northwest, consisting of high intensity interval workout programs as seen in personal training studios and smaller niche market gyms. The company engaged Cayenne Consulting to develop a business plan and financial model for investor funding. “Cayenne blew the other company away. We will not be duped into using a cut-rate firm just for cost savings again. After our experience with Cayenne, we know who we will go back to in the future…Cayenne!” said co-founder Paul Gutierrez. “The consultant and his team did an excellent job on research and finding extra materials to back up and justify our business concept(s). We were pleased with the overall product.” On responsiveness he said, “We enjoyed being able to contact our consultant at pretty much any hour of the day and get a solid response or feedback in a very timely manner to meet our deadlines. The consultant and his team worked around the clock for us – very much appreciated.” For those considering Cayenne, he states, “Give them a call and candidly express your needs. They are very open and understanding of what entrepreneurs are up against in today’s markets, and will assist and guide you through every step of the process whether you are just beginning or you are an experienced business owner.”

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