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Testimonials by John Beeby’s Clients

Consumer Health Brands

Nutritional Supplement
Morgan Hill, CA

Consumer Health Brands has developed an effective and healthy solution to the discomfort experienced when socially consuming alcohol. DEFY® is their unique powdered formulation that is sold in single use, on-the-go packets. It contains a powder mix of electrolytes, B-vitamins and amino acids that help to: A) enhance alcohol metabolism by increasing glutathione levels to support the body’s natural process of breaking down acetaldehyde, a toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism, B) rehydrate the body due to alcohol-related dehydration, and C) replenish lost vitamins and minerals to help next-day mental alertness. DEFY® is the result of work by the founder, Chris Fenton, who has invested 11 years of product research plus four years of market study and testing to arrive at the current formula. Chris offered his view of Cayenne’s work as follows: “Before I got Cayenne involved, I had a complete grasp of the product and good knowledge of the market but Cayenne’s ability to step back and see the broader perspective was invaluable in explaining our story. They more than fulfilled my expectations.”

Texas Hobby Shop

DIY Auto Repair Facility
Manchaca, TX

Texas Hobby Shop, will provide everything needed for consumers who want to work on their own automobile. Customers will have a service bay with a lift (if a lift is needed), tools, professional guidance, plus access to helpful online service manuals. Car owners can save substantial sums of money by doing their own repair work. Additionally, there are many mechanically proficient car owners who like to work on their car as a hobby that provides a sense of accomplishment. Then there are the dedicated car enthusiasts that get real pleasure from maintaining and improving a prized possession. According to the Founder/CEO, Travis Wilder, “Although we had the concept and an idea of how to implement it, Cayenne was invaluable in helping us to visualize the market potential and in organizing and presenting the story in a compelling way.”

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