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The Entrepreneur’s Library: Crowdfunding Resources


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CircleUp is a crowdfunding marketplace connecting consumer product entrepreneurs and investors - especially ventures in food, personal care, apparel, and pet-related products. Applicant companies should have annual revenues of at least $1 million. There is no cost for entrepreneurs to post, and they offer free legal documents and tools for telling your story.

Crowdfunding 101: The Basics

This short article provides an overview of the four different types of crowdfunding.

Go Fund Me

This is where you can raise money for YOU. Weddings, trips, causes, businesses, or anything else you need money for.


Raise money for your business, give up no equity, and only pay if you reach your goal. The crowd funding site helps entrepreneurs get their business off the ground.

JOBS Act Opens The Door To Investment Scams?

One perspective and very real possibility of the JOBS Act and how it can impact investing. This takes the perspective of the potential for an increase in scams associated with crowd funding and looser SEC regulations.


Kickstarter is a crowd funding website that allows entrepreneurs to fund their business equity-free in a public forum by collecting donations from other individuals.

Kickstarter 101: How to Create a Killer Campaign

Creating a successful Kickstarter campaign takest time and work. Here are some things you should consider when deciding how to launch a campaign.

Micro Ventures

A website that integrates peer-to-peer funding with venture capital and brings early stage and startup business opportunities for investments. This is an atypical crowd funding website.


Onevest is an equity crowdfunding platform. In addition, it helps investors to become advisors to startups, and it helps entrepreneurs find co-founders.

Raising Capital Online: The New Thundering Herd

"Crowdfunding is booming. A report by Massolution, a research firm, forecasts that $2.8 billion will be raised worldwide [in 2012], up from $1.5 billion in 2011 and only $530m in 2009."


SeedInvest is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors to pre-screened start-ups and small businesses seeking funding. SeedInvest's mission is to help both entrepreneurs and investors leverage the disruptive power of the Internet to make early-stage investing and fundraising easier. To fulfill its mission, SeedInvest created an innovative, web-based platform which greatly reduces the traditional barriers for investing in private companies. SeedInvest's platform has many innovative tools that help investors improve deal flow, diligence opportunities, and execute investments.


StartEngine is an equity, debt, and ICO crowdfunding platform for companies raising capital via Regulation CF (Crowdfunding) and Regulation A+. They are also seeking a broker-dealer license and to create a secondary market in Regulations CF, D, and A tokenized securities.

Three Myths About Equity Crowdfunding Debunked

"Equity crowdfunding, where investors (accredited only for the moment) buy securities in privately owned companies, is still relatively new. The increasing appeal of investing in startups is understable for investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio, looking to get uncorrelated returns and have determined that their risk appetite is aggressive. However, there have been a number of claims about equity crowdfunding that I felt compelled to surface and address."

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