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Angel Financing: Dos and Don'ts for Entrepreneurs

Any entrepreneur who hopes to raise capital from individual investors, so-called 'angels,' should be prepared with a presentation, business plan, list of potential angels, and outline of the opportunity his or her new venture affords.

Angel Investor Directory

A directory of angel investor groups organized by region. Includes descriptions of the types of ventures they are interested in, typical investment amounts, and contact information.

Angel Investor News

News, articles, and resources for entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Angel Organization Summit's Angel Directory

A comprehensive directory of regional and national angel investing groups.

Angel Power – An Angel Survey

This is a rather dated survey, but the general conclusions are valid.


One of the most active equity crowdfunding platform. Also connects startups with potential team members.

Atlanta Technology Angels

Angel investor group in the Atlanta region.

Check Out Your Investors

Why you need to do due diligence on your investors before you take their money.

Do-It-Yourself Angel Round

Getting serious about growing your company but can't afford to hire an investment bank? Here's how Mark Torrance, CEO of StockMaster, raised capital without surrendering big chunks of equity.

Earning Your Wings

Angel investors are getting tougher. To land seed money, you should, too. (Inc Magazine - January 2005)


FlashFunders is a platform to help startups raise $500K to $2M. They say that they are NOT a crowdfunding site. Companies seeking funding must be a California or Delaware C corporation, and must already have a lead investor - FlashFunders conducts a general offering to raise the balance of your funding requirement.


FundersClub is a hybrid between a crowdfunding platform and angel investor group. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, a company seeking funding must be nominated by a FundersClub member (an accredited investor) - there is no way for a startup to apply directly for funding. So if this group interests you, you'll need to do some networking to find a member who is willing to nominate you.

Gathering of Angels

The Gathering Of Angels is an Angel Investor Forum where 6 companies provide a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation. Each presenter is charged a $2500. Included in the GOA presentation fee is 3 hours of virtual coaching, mentoring and consulting from GOA CEO Tarby Bryant.

"Gust (formerly Angelsoft) provides the global platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. Gust enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit."

High Tech Startup Valuation Estimator

Wondering what your pre-money valuation will be if a VC ever puts a term sheet on the table? Answer the following questions, and we'll calculate an approximate range for you. Of course, every situation is different, so your mileage may vary.

How to find your angel investor

"It takes money to make money. Use these heavenly hints to attract the early-stage funding you need to get your new business off the ground."

How to Meet Angel Investors

The most effective way to get set up with people who will invest in your fledgling business is to actively and creatively seek them out.

How to Pitch Your Business to Friends and Family

Who better to put money into your brilliant business idea than people who can already vouch for you? Friends and family are an obvious source of funding. And in this era of ebbing small business lending by banks, if you don't have an interested investor, why not turn to mom, pop, and the rest of your clan?

How to Raise Angel Capital

David Rose, founder of, provides a fantastic answer to the question "How would you break down the process of raising an angel round of investment in 5-10 steps?"

How to Think Like an Angel

A brief primer on what Angels want to see.

Investors: Alliance of Angels

"The Alliance of Angels is the Pacific Northwest's premier non-profit angel investment organization, comprising of more than 100 accredited investors and representatives of investment firms who invest in early-stage companies in technology and other high-growth sectors."

Investors: Band of Angels

Angel investor group in the Silicon Valley region. Group concentrates on high-tech companies.

Investors: Pasadena Angels

Angel investor group in Pasadena.

Investors: Tech Coast Angels

"Tech Coast Angels is California's largest angel investor network, with over 300 members from virtually every background and industry."

Keiretsu Forum

"Keiretsu Forum is the world's largest angel investor network with 750 accredited investor members throughout eighteen chapters on three continents. Since Keiretsu Forum's founding in 2000, its members have invested over $180m in 200 companies in technology, consumer products, healthcare/life sciences, real estate and other segments with high growth potential."

Local Area Network

"By opting to keep her high-tech start-up, Thermagon Inc., in Cleveland, founder Carol Latham was able to leverage her local ties to build a sophisticated network of investors and employees."

Making Friends: The Name of the Angel Game

Looking for individual investors, known as "angels," to finance your company? Then heed the adage, "It's not what you know but whom you know."

New Mexico Angels

Angel investment group based in Albuquerque, NM.

Ranking Angel Investment Groups

CB Insights analyzed over 350 angel investment groups with the algorithms they use to assess VC firms. Here's how the top angel investor groups stack up.

Sample Angel Investor Term Sheet

Annotated preferred stock private placement term sheet from the Angel Capital Association.

Sample Convertible Promissory Note

Sample annotated promissory note from startup attorney White Summers.

Seven Steps to Heaven

"Funding for entrepreneurial businesses has completely dried up, right? Wrong. Angel investors -- long a tried-and-true source of capital for young businesses -- have not hung up their wings."

Smart Money

One company founder decided to seek investors with expertise as well as money.

Structuring Funding From Your Family

"Some VCs like to see familial skin in the game, on the premise that you will work hard to keep your nearest and dearest from ending up under a bridge. A clumsily structured seed round, however, can alienate both the amateurs who love you and the professionals who, you hope, will someday love you."

The New Rules of Angel Investing

"The rules of the game of angel investing have changed in the post-crisis world. The average deal size shrank by 31 percent in the first half of [2009]... Angels are still financing deals, but at lower valuations and with more specific milestones. They have grown more picky and less tolerant of risk... In tight times, only the absolute stars rise to the top to receive funding. If they want to have a chance, they've got to be well prepared."

The True Costs of Raising Money

"You probably don't have a clue what it really costs to raise the capital you need to fund your business. This expert spells it out for you."

Top Ten Tips On Raising Angel Financing Today

"If your business is a picnic, then the financing environment is like the weather. You cannot change it, you must make adjustments for it in your business plan and BEFORE you start raising money. i.e. you can't beat mother nature and other forces far greater than you."

What does it take to impress an angel investor?

The kinds of businesses that attract angel investors.

Winter Park Angels

An angel group located in Central Florida.

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