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2,400+ Clients since 2001 • $4.3+ Billion Raised

Testimonials by Lee’s Clients

Agriland Capital Management

Real Estate Private Equity

Agriland Capital Management, LLC creates and then provides professional management of funds that invest in row crop farmland in North America. Cayenne created the Company’s business plan for an initial fund offering to investors. Tony Rohrs and Dale DeLoye, the fund principals, said, “The highly detailed, focused analysis of our marketplace that Cayenne provided allows us to present our concept in a thought-provoking, professional manner. Cayenne has given us a work product that elevates our fund offering and will be utilized for years to come.”

Argus Lending

Mortgage Lending
Pleasant Hill, CA

Buying a home is the largest investment most families will make in their lifetimes. Major banks have been phasing out of original mortgage lending for over a decade, preferring to focus on servicing. Non-depository lenders like Argus Lending are stepping in to fill the breach, offering homeowners new and old the types of loans they need to accomplish their financial goals. Cayenne Consulting prepared the firm’s business plan, financial forecast, and pitch deck. Chris Urani, the company’s Co-CEO, wrote “We engaged Cayenne in early 2015 to prepare a business plan for our growing mortgage company. The consultant grasped our needs and prepared highly professional documentation. As we grew and attracted new investment, we came back to Cayenne and asked the same consultant for an update of the plan. He outdid himself in updating the work.”

Charging Rhino

Film/TV Studios
Cleveland, OH

Charging Rhino, LLC came to Cayenne for assistance in making the business case for its new Cleveland-SLC film/TV studios. The project involves development, construction, legislation, complex funding, and public works. The Company’s lead executive said: “Our consultant dug in with us from the first moment, offering experience, encouragement and new ideas, and constantly took our team’s best interests to heart. He performed an in-depth survey of a complex market, and then wrote our business plan, presenting granular concepts in ways our prospective stakeholders could embrace and understand. The business plan has become a critical tool in moving this important project forward.”


Delaware, OH

The “ages-old” wheels of legal discovery are archaic, antiquated, unwieldy, and, much of the time, a costly nightmare for all concerned. eLPS is going to change that, using an advanced technology platform in legal discovery process service and evidence management. Melissa Cassidy, the company principal, asked Cayenne to create a comprehensive plan for prospective stakeholders. When we finished, she said: “The Cayenne consultant, Lee Muhl, assessed our industry, our platform, our needs, and our market. He helped us with advice, research, data sets, compelling narratives, a rollout plan, financials, and deepened our understanding of what it takes to launch an innovative SaaS platform, allowing us to present our concept in a thought-provoking, compelling, and highly professional manner. The consultant gave us a work product that should propel our concept forward in many ways, including some we hadn’t even planned on.”

Hero Media Arts

Media & Entertainment
Winthrop, ME

Hero Media Arts is a New England brand marketing and design agency, based in Winthrop, Maine. Enthused about creating “heroic” stories, the Company launched The Hero Network to stream “snackable” short form OTT digital videos about normal people doing positive, uplifting things. Cayenne Consulting analyzed this burgeoning market and then created the business plan and financial model for prospective stakeholders and ready investors. Dean Gyorgy, the Company’s founder and CEO, wrote: “I absolutely recommend Cayenne Consulting without hesitation! We were assigned a consultant who was clearly an expert in our field. He immediately recognized the potential of our big idea and placed it in market context during our initial conversation. He was encouraging yet practical, inspiring yet grounded in best practices, and was able to tailor his communication to our needs and levels of experience. Our consultant conducted exhaustive research and provided a comprehensive business plan and supporting documents that will be enticing to prospective investors while remaining anchored to a pragmatic, achievable path. We’re ready to move forward into the next phase of our business, and we simply could not have done it without Cayenne Consulting.”

Highly Evolved Productions, LLC

Film/TV Production
North Hollywood, CA

Highly Evolved Productions, LLC is a Los Angeles-based independent film/TV production company with a business model that is perfectly tuned to the world of independent finance and Internet-platform distribution. The company was founded by two successful actress-writer-producers and is already enjoying success in the development and early-stage financing of several novel projects. Cayenne created a market overview, the Company’s business plan, financial forecast and a proprietary distribution concept for strategic partners and investors. The principals, Janelle Renee Pearson and Shannon Donahue, joined in saying “The insight and decades of experience our Cayenne consultant brought to our business model, business plan and financials were simply fantastic. We felt that we gained a few years of experience, and a shortcut to success in a few brief weeks with Cayenne.”

Land Management Platform
Shreveport, LA

Vast tracts of gorgeous US land normally sit idle when they could be used by recreational enthusiasts for outdoor adventures and personal enrichment. is the user interface of a comprehensive Internet platform allowing timberland managers, with millions of acres of pristine land under management, to offer recreational opportunities to hunters, anglers, birdwatchers, campers, hikers and many other types of outdoor enthusiasts. Cayenne Consulting prepared the firm’s business plan, financial forecast, and pitch deck. J.J. Keeth, the company’s Founder and Co-Manager, wrote “We engaged Cayenne in Q3 2017 to prepare a business plan for an exciting opportunity in outdoor land management. The Cayenne consultant grasped our needs and prepared highly professional documentation that encompasses the details and potential of our fast-growing marketplace. He created a plan that won’t be thrown in the corner by investors.”

Media & Entertainment
Australia and its founder came to Cayenne for assistance in making the business case for its new OTT short form TV channel for mobile consumption. The project has raced ahead with speed to market as a primary goal, embracing rapid development, mobile apps, content partnerships, funding, and marketing expertise. The Company’s founder said: “Our consultant accelerated with us from the first moment, offering experience, encouragement, and ideas, and always kept our key needs and short timeline in front of mind. He performed a rapid and in-depth survey of a developing market, and then wrote our business plan, presenting our plusses and goals in ways our prospective stakeholders will easily understand. The materials he created have become important tools in moving this important project forward.”

National Studios Partners, LLC

Film Studio & Entertainment Complex
Washington, DC

National Studios Partners, LLC is developing an entertainment complex concept that will bring “Hollywood” to the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) region. The company intends to create a production/post-production/entertainment/job-creation engine that will be a crown jewel of the area. Cayenne created both a market assessment, and the Company’s business plan for strategic partners and investors. Jordanne Otero, Project Operations Manager, said, “The market study, business plan and financials Cayenne created present our concept with flair, thoughtful analysis, and excitement. We asked our consultant to continue working with us on an ongoing basis, offering valuable insights and participating in critical meetings with other stakeholders.”

Renew Market

Online Solar Marketplace
Portland, OR

Renew Market, Inc. developed a proprietary Internet platform in order to drastically ease and simplify the installation and financing of solar technology in buildings across the US. The Company wanted to present a simple, clear, and powerful message in an enormously data-driven industry, with regulatory requirements and customer incentives that differ state-to-state. Cayenne Consulting created the business plan and financial forecasts for Renew Market. Eric Doak, Renew Market’s CEO wrote, “The business plan and financials were amazing; the consultant and Cayenne hit it out of the park. Our consultant pitched in as if he were a member of our management team, provided many valuable insights, met with us, and our lawyers, and went beyond the level of work he’d agreed to do, simply to help advance our success.”

Triton City Entertainment

Media Production
New York, NY

Triton City Entertainment is an emerging New York production company developing inventive film and TV concepts with special attention to the Sci-Fi space. Led by a former senior executive at a major cable channel, the company plans to leverage new Internet distribution platforms while also selling to legacy studios and networks. The company’s CEO, Dirk Hoogstra, said “The Cayenne consultant prepared our business plan with a great presentation of the concept, the new market opportunity, and efficiently modeled numerous corridors of revenues and costs. The reaction to the plan from prominent industry advisors and business executives has been quite strong. The most consistent feedback is….’amazingly thorough and well put together’… lots of compliments! Thank you!”


Hemp Products
Brentwood, CA

US4GM, LLC is an early-stage, “seed-to-sales,” US hemp products provider, and is rapidly developing facilities (PP&E) and business processes in a large Northern California grow for vertical-integration, crop propagation, processing-extraction, testing, marketing and sales of both raw hemp materials, extracted materials and, progressively, branded products. Cayenne created the Company’s business plan for strategic partners and investors. Theo Liu, Project Operations Manager, said, “The daily advice on myriad issues, and the business plan and financial documents Cayenne provided present our concept with powerful narrative flow, thoughtful analysis, and excitement. We asked our consultant to work at extra speed to help us meet critical cultivation deadlines and he exceeded all our expectations.”

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