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Testimonials by Ryan Chester's Clients

Business plan for ac*quaint media

ac*quaint media
Media & Marketing Consulting
Walnut Creek, CA

ac*quaint media is a full-service solutions provider and consulting firm for new and traditional media. The company produces highly targeted audio content derived from user search demographics, and distributes it across radio and other advertising channels. "I could not have done this project on my own," said Ken Kohl, Founder & Chief Visioneer. "Cayenne not only provided top quality financials, executive summary, and PowerPoint presentation, but moral support and great insight into the adventure I was embarking on."

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Business plan for Ag Connections

Ag Connections
Agricultural Management Software
Murray, KY

Ag Connections develops software tools that help growers, retailers, and consultants manage day-to-day crop production operations. Production records are very confidential, and Ag Connections' system allows the grower, the owner of the data, to control where data goes and how it is shared. "Cayenne developed the highest quality plan that played a key role in successfully raising our financing and helped define our future growth strategy," said Rick Murdock, Vice President.

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Business plan for Aura Development

Aura Development
Medical Spa Advisory Services
Scottsdale, AZ

Aura Development helps entrepreneurs get into the medspa business through construction consulting, practice management, and strategic marketing support. Cayenne Consulting helped Aura prepare business plans and financial forecasts for several medspa clients in Colorado. Cayenne consulting was "efficient, flexible, and professional," said Heidi Brodt, CEO. "I will recommend [Cayenne Consulting] to other associates."

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Business plan for Bidology Corporation

Bidology Corporation
Online Bidding Platform Connecting Consumers to Local Service Providers
Phoenix, AZ

The Bidology Corporation offers a comprehensive bidding platform for consumers looking for professional services across the health & beauty, automotive, home improvement, financial, personal services, sporting, entertainment, and any other applicable service categories. “For our launch, I needed a strong financial forecast that captured the full complexities of our market size and opportunity,” said Mr. Younger, the Founder & CEO of Bidology. “Cayenne Consulting accomplished this task, and much more. The Consultant provided in-depth strategic insight that served to strengthen Bidology’s vision and overall execution. I am looking forward to working with Cayenne again.”

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Business plan for Branding

Death Care Co-op Services
Scottsdale, AZ

Branding is a co-op that services funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries in the U.S. Death care facilities can purchase anything from caskets to tombstones, supplies to religious paraphernalia, insurance to merchant accounts, car rentals to tractor equipment, invitations to flowers. The Company will offer a first to market advantage for the industry, as there is no known co-op operating in the funeral home industry. “I am very pleased with my consultant,” said Mr. Roberts, Founder of Branding. “Cayenne Consulting provided top notch insight. The firm is a valuable addition to the Company’s strategic vision.”

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Business plan for Comfort Pro

Comfort Pro
HVAC Services
Chattanooga, TN

Based in metropolitan Chattanooga, TN, ComfortPro will be a full-service HVAC contracting firm specializing in single family and small commercial repair, maintenance, and installation services. Quality, innovation, creativity, technical excellence, and meeting customers’ needs will guide ComfortPro as it becomes a leading member of the business community in Chattanooga. Says Jeff Cass, ComfortPro’s owner, “my Cayenne consultant really helped me re-write our company’s business plan so that it would be a highly professional presentation. I am very proud of it.”

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Business plan for Digital Vision: Institute of Media Arts

Digital Vision: Institute of Media Arts
New Media Education
Richmond, British Columbia & Cologne, Germany

Digital Vision Institute of Media Arts is a 3D Animation and Digital Effects school based in Germany. Cayenne Consulting developed their financial projections and business plan to support their banking activities. "Cayenne transformed our initial plan into a powerful tool," said Andrei Stirbu, Managing Director. "One of the things I was most impressed with is their level of financial customization. We have confidence in knowing that our cash flows are tailored to our specific requirements. I will recommend Cayenne to anyone who needs professional consulting."

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Business plan for Double Play, LLC

Double Play, LLC
Indoor Sports Training Facility
Tucson, AZ

Double Play is an indoor training complex for baseball and softball athletes in the hot climates of the Southwest. It will be located near the heart of Tucson, Arizona. DP will offer four primary categories of softball and baseball training: batting lanes, bullpens, live batting cages, and an indoor infield. Everything that is offered at DP is of highest quality and caliber, from the turf to the automatic pitching machines that can pitch up to 90 mph. “I received a high-class business plan and financial forecast that clearly articulates the Company’s vision. This was an incredible learning experience and I am delighted to recommend Cayenne to anyone needing consulting services,” said Mr. Walrath, the Founder & General Manager.

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Business plan for Farmacology, LLC

Farmacology, LLC
Hydroponic Equipment & Supplies
Torrance, CA

Farmacology is a Los Angeles area distributor and retailer of hydroponic equipment and supplies. "I was impressed with the quality of the materials Cayenne developed," said Brennan Thicke, President and Founder of Farmacology. "Having worked with many consultants in the past, I was apprehensive about working with another one. However, Cayenne won me over by delivering more value than I was expecting."

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Business plan for Five O LLC

Five O LLC
Law Enforcement Online Job Postings
Mesa, AZ

Five O is a web-based service that connects military veterans with law enforcement and career firefighting jobs nationwide. The company will eventually list over 15,000 law enforcement agencies and 4,000 fire departments on their website, which in turn offers continuous visibility to all departments. Five O’s primary objective is to become the one-stop venue for veterans who wish to become America’s First Responders. “I hired Cayenne Consulting to develop the business plan and financial forecast and am very pleased with the results,” said Ken Emerson, founder and CEO. “I recommend Cayenne Consulting, in particular, for their friendly and thorough guidance through the business planning process.”

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Business plan for Guard Dog Valves

Guard Dog Valves
Passive Fluid Regulation & Control Technologies
Navel, FL

Guard Dog Valves is a manufacturer of passive fluid regulation and control solutions. As a technology manufacturer, Guard Dog sells to national and multi-national plumbing parts distributors; large, high-rise, multi-location, facility management companies and facility managers; and trade related networks. “I was impressed at the level of quality I received from Cayenne Consulting,” said Mr. Guidish, Founder & CEO. “My consultant was easy to work with and understood the constant tension entrepreneurs face. Cayenne is knowledgeable, reliable, and easy to work with.”

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Business plan for Hatter of Arc

Hatter of Arc
Natural Skin Care Products
Copperas Cove, TX

Hatter of Arc is a developer of organic, all-natural skin care and skin cleaning products for niche athletic and outdoorsman markets. "I have truly enjoyed working with Cayenne Consulting. The consultant made the business planning process fun and encouraged participation during the creation of the financial forecast. I recommend Cayenne to anyone who wants a highest quality consultant," said Brittany Davis, CEO and Founder.

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Business plan for Heart Rhythm Academy

Heart Rhythm Academy
Cardiac Device Training & Consulting Services
Scottsdale, AZ

Heart Rhythm Academy is one of nation’s newest vocational institutions specializing in cardiac device training. Its unique curriculum provides students with the theoretical and practical education needed to become Cardiac Device Specialists. HRA is positioned to become the leader in cardiac device clinical tele-servicing. The Company is analogous to the telemedicine industry because we deliver clinical solutions via cardiac device tele-followups and tele-implants. Accordingly, Heart Rhythm Academy will have a first-to-market advantage over any competitor. “My consultant not only delivered top quality materials but he also provided key strategic insight. I am more than impressed with Cayenne Consulting and will be working with the firm again,” said Mr. Nash, Founder & CEO of Heart Rhythm Academy.

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Business plan for Imaginary Friends Studios

Imaginary Friends Studios
Film, Video Game & Comic Content Developer

Imaginary Friends Studios is a developer of high quality, next generation entertainment services for film, video game, and comics. IFS has developed content for top tier film, game, and comic projects for clients such as Square Enix and on projects such as Hercules (Radical Publishing/Spyglass Entertainment), Caliber (Infinitum Nihil/Radical Publishing), and Freedom Formula (Radical Publishing). IFS has also provided outsourced creative services and concept design for projects such as F.E.A.R: Extraction Point (Sierra), Contra 4 (Capcom), NBA Street Basketball (Electronic Arts), and EVE Online (CCP), as well as promotional art for projects such as Spiderman 3, Surf's Up, World Cyber Games, Manga Studio software, Batman: Dark Knight. "Cayenne was instrumental in helping us identify and articulate our growth strategies," said Edmund Shern, President & Co-Founder.

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Business plan for MagMe Media, Inc.

MagMe Media, Inc.
Digital Advertising Platform for Magazines
Vancouver, BC

MagMe Media equips magazine publishers with digital publishing and advertising management/control tools to increase their return for every advertising dollar spent. "I engaged Cayenne Consulting to get started with our initial planning phase, and they have been excellent with the proper suggestions, said Ken Huang, Founder and President. "Not only did they deliver the highest quality business plan and financial forecast, but they participated as if they were part of my management team throughout the process. It is hard to find a group of trusted advisors. Cayenne is mine."

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Business plan for NYC’s Dog Café & Lounge, LLC

NYC’s Dog Café & Lounge, LLC
Coffee Shop
New York, NY

NYC’s Dog Café & Lounge is a café lounge for dog lovers. This establishment will serve coffee, tea, as well as smoothies while providing free Wi-Fi. What sets this particular coffee lounge apart from the rest is that customers will pay an admission fee to play and lounge around with a variety of adoptable shelter dogs. It is a safe, relaxing environment where dog lovers can derive all of the benefits that come with interacting with dogs, without the responsibility or commitment of owning one; however customers will have the option of purchasing dog treats they can give to the dogs throughout their visit. This café is ideal for dog lovers who enjoy fully interacting and lounging around with canines. The Company hired Cayenne Consulting to develop the business plan and financial forecast. The Company’s founder wrote, “You are the best! Thank you for all your help and effort. I will work with you again the next time I am in need of your services.”

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Business plan for Radical Publishing

Radical Publishing
Comic Book & Film Content Producer
Hollywood, CA

Radical Publishing develops next generation premium comic book products, featuring high-concept stories, with an integrated, multi-vertical Intellectual Property (IP) brokerage business model. Radical Publishing recently announced that Bryan Singer, director of X-Men, X-Men 2, and Superman Returns has signed on to produce Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland. This is the third film deal by Radical Publishing, following the announcements of John Woo (Red Cliff, Mission Impossible 2) being attached to direct Caliber: First Canon of Justice written and created by Sam Sarkar and Peter Berg (Hancock, The Kingdom) to produce Hercules: The Thracian Wars for Universal and Spyglass Entertainment. "Cayenne created the highest quality, rigorous plan and financials that withstood venture capital due diligence and third-party audit," said Jesse Berger, Founder & CEO. "We were able to raise our desired first round of venture capital thanks to the exceptional tools Cayenne Consulting developed."

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Business plan for Red's Barber Lounge

Red's Barber Lounge
Parker, CO

Red’s Barber Lounge will be a superior full-service barber shop that offers business professionals an individualized, classic grooming service. Experienced barbers and stylists will care for each customer with unparalleled professionalism. Red’s Barber Lounge will also offer a classic lounge ambience where our clients can relax and savor a variety of beverages. “I needed a high quality plan for submission to a building developer and Cayenne Consulting delivered more than I expected,” said Ms. Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO. “My plan is completed and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you!”

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Business plan for Regenesis Biomedical

Regenesis Biomedical
Medical Device Manufacturer
Scottsdale, AZ

Regenesis Biomedical is an Arizona based medical device company dedicated to improving human welfare through the research, design, manufacture, and sale of energy-based medical products and services that alleviate pain, restore health, and improve quality of life. “I have been working with Cayenne Consulting for a number of years and have been continually impressed with their quality, speed, and professionalism,” said Mr. Dennis Genge, CFO.

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Business plan for Rhythmic Entertainment Group

Rhythmic Entertainment Group
Artist Booking Agency
Lakeville, MN

Rhythmic Entertainment Group is an artist booking agency that places and promotes top tier performers in prestigious international concert venues. Cayenne Consulting developed business development materials to enhance relationships with their international partners. "Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate that you took this project and handled it with such professionalism and urgency so that I could meet my deadline," said Jackie Owusu-Mensah, CEO.

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Business plan for Schiller Sports, Inc.

Schiller Sports, Inc.
Recreational Water Sports
San Francisco, CA

Schiller Sports designs, builds, and markets a unique watercraft that provides a bicycling experience over water. Schiller retained Cayenne Consulting to help build a robust financial forecast and to advise on strategic matters. Judah Schiller, Founder & CEO of Schiller Sports, said "I found Cayenne Consulting to be an invaluable thought partner, helping to shape and develop a cohesive and compelling business strategy for my company. [The consultant's] strong expertise, business acumen, and attention to detail have shown through since our first conversation. It has truly been a pleasure working with Cayenne and would unequivocally recommend them to any entrepreneur."

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Business plan for Simple2Clean

Automatic Bathtub and Shower Cleaning Technology
Tucson, AZ

Simple2Clean has developed a revolutionary and soon to be patented solution to the age-old daunting chore of scrubbing soap scum off of hard surfaces such as shower stalls and bathtubs. The Company will offer a comprehensive line of products that cleans surfaces automatically. “Cayenne Consulting worked with me to develop the strategy and to clearly identify the economics involved in my manufacturing and distribution business. My consultant patiently worked with my timelines and demanding schedule,” said Mr. Bowser, Founder. “My consultant went above and beyond what was contracted. From his business experience, he joyfully extended some valuable business advice to me. This is deeply appreciated. Cayenne is a valuable asset for any business.”

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Business plan for Skorcher

Exercise Equipment
Scottsdale, AZ

Skorcher develops training and conditioning machines and programs to help people strengthen and condition their glutes. Backed by independent medical analysis, the Skorcher line of products offers a better glute training program than any other machine currently in the market. The machines can be performed unilaterally and bilaterally, an unprecedented feature of glute training. "Cayenne thoroughly understands the issues surrounding start-ups and provided invaluable insight," said Bret Contreras, Founder & CEO. The plan was "delivered to the highest standards. Excellent."

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Business plan for Sustenir Agriculture

Sustenir Agriculture
Controlled Environment Agriculture

Sustenir Agriculture is in the business of growing the safest, highest quality non-native vegetables in its patented 3D Farming Technology targeting the metropolitan markets of Asia and South East Asia. The Company’s flagship operation in Singapore has repeatedly demonstrated superior crop quality and harvest yields exceeding as much as 118% per square meter over traditional vertical farms. The technology and comprehensive farming methodology more than doubles the production of ultra-healthy, clean vegetables that are free of pesticides, pollutants, and dirt—365 days a year. Mr. Lavoo, Finance & Administration Co-Founder, said: “I needed top tier consulting to help us with forecast analysis and governance documentation and couldn’t be more impressed at the level of sophistication and strategic insight I received from Cayenne Consulting.”

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Business plan for The Gold Peacock

The Gold Peacock
Artisan Home Furnishings Retail Store
San Antonio, TX

The Gold Peacock is a retail store selling artisan-crafted home furnishing and décor. Customers can find one-of-a-kind products works express their individuality. TGP’s vision is to become the first-to-mind retailer of local hand-made products in the San Antonio market. “This has been a dream of mine for a long time,” said Mrs. Howard, Founder & CEO. “I am delighted. My forecast is extremely detailed and yet easily explainable. Cayenne made my business look more than impressive.”

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Business plan for Transparent Footwear, Inc.

Transparent Footwear, Inc.
Fashion Footwear
San Francisco, CA

Transparent Footwear designs, manufactures, and distributes high-end footwear in select retailers throughout the U.S. Cayenne Consulting created a high-impact executive summary for presentation to the company's joint venture partners. Mary Sue Papale, CEO and Co-founder, remarked: "We needed a refined and compelling presentation of our strategy and brand position. Cayenne was able to not only understand our needs, but was also able to translate and refine our strategy. It was a pleasure working with the consultant."

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Business plan for Vanguard Property Manager

Vanguard Property Manager
Property Management Software
San Francisco, CA

Vanguard Property Manager is an online real estate property management service offering software, training, and related technical support to residential property managers. Cayenne Consulting developed a business plan and financial forecast for the company. "My experience with Cayenne exceeded my expectation," said Khaled Mustafa, President & Founder of Vanguard Property Manager. "[The consultant] was prompt in his service and I was pleased with his effort to research the industry for my product. Cayenne consultants are dedicated to their efforts and their result is very professional."

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Business plan for Xband Technology

Xband Technology
Athletic Performance Tracking Devices
Escondido, CA

Xband Technology makes elite training accessible for every athlete with affordable instrumented sports training solutions. The Company’s product line combines multi-sensory technology with data capture and analytics to improve an individual’s overall athletic performance regardless of the sport. Cayenne Consulting developed Xband Technology’s financial model. "Thank you again for the help- awesome work on the financials,” said Steve Kim, Founder and President. “You really helped bring clarity and shaped the info in a way that is easily digestible and brings credibility to investors.“

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Business plan for YoNaturals

Healthy Snack Vending Program
Solana Beach, CA

YoNaturals is leading the fight against junk food in vending machines with the most comprehensive, healthy vending program in the nation. "Cayenne gave us the financial and presentation tools that opened the doors to venture capital," said Mark Trotter, President. "Without Cayenne, we would not have been able to raise investment capital."

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