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Testimonials by Brian Bohr's Clients

Business plan for Battalion Protection Group

Battalion Protection Group
Personal Security Services
Santa Monica, CA

Battalion Protection Group, Inc. (BPG Security) provides licensed and insured security personnel to corporations, celebrities and high net worth individuals on a contract basis. The Company utilizes a revolutionary, first of its kind, user-friendly mobile application to connect licensed freelance security professionals with individuals, businesses and events requiring security services. “My Cayenne Consultant was absolutely awesome,” said BPG Security’s founder and CEO, Martin Kirsten. “We met and had a conversation about BPG Security's goals and objectives. Cayenne prepared our business plan, presentation deck and financial forecast which has proved to be an invaluable business tool since our launch. In my opinion Cayenne Consulting is the gold standard of business planning and strategy, thank you Cayenne!”

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Business plan for BIDWELL

Apparel and Home Décor
Los Angeles, CA

BIDWELL designs and sells elegantly produced consumer products incorporating the iconic photographic images of Charlie Bidwell. Products include photographic prints, greeting cards, apparel, decorative pillows, coasters and drink trays. Cayenne Consulting prepared a business plan and financial model for use in the Company's fundraising efforts. BIDWELL's CEO, Charlie Bidwell, commented on his experience with Cayenne stating that they are "an efficient and effective service provider of business plans and strategies."

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Business plan for RYouLive

Live Streaming Media
Las Vegas, NV

RYouLive is a digital content studio and branded entertainment company, that produces and streams live media content from artists, actors, and athletes around the world. Cayenne Consulting prepared a business plan, financial forecast and investor presentation deck for the company. “Cayenne took the time to really understand our business,” said Arne Lefalk, RYouLive’s CEO. “Cayenne not only prepared first rate professional materials for us to use in telling our story to potential investors, celebrity partners, and advertising clients, but they also provided invaluable advice that we will incorporate into our business decisions going forward. Partnering with Cayenne made us a stronger company and was without a doubt the right decision.”

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Business plan for Tautachrome Inc.

Tautachrome Inc.
Digital Image Technology
Oro Valley, AZ

Tautachrome, Inc. is an Internet technology company developing a revolutionary mobile platform which will allow digital imagery to be interactive and verified as original and untampered. Cayenne Consulting prepared a business plan and investor pitch deck for the Company. When asked how Cayenne compared to other business plan consultants that he previously worked with, Dr. Jon Leonard Tautachrome’s founder and CEO stated, “Cayenne was superior, primarily owing to their hard work and flexibility.”

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Business plan for Wolfcom Enterprises

Wolfcom Enterprises
Body Worn Cameras
Hollywood, CA

Wolfcom Enterprises is a leading designer and manufacturer of body worn cameras used by law enforcement. Cayenne Consulting prepared a business plan, financial forecast and investor presentation deck for the company. "From day one, we knew choosing Cayenne was the right decision," said Tiffany Wang, Wolfcom's CEO. "Cayenne was able to understand the complexity of our business from the start and create a truly amazing business plan and pitch deck. What impressed us the most was the ability Cayenne had to help us improve our accounting methods and sales forecasting. With their help we can move forward with more confidence than ever before."

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