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Testimonials by Aaron Gillum's Clients

Business plan for ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology
IT Consulting & Software
Chicago, IL & Dubai, UAE

Founded in 2001, ALIS is a top IT service-provider for network infrastructure, software development, cloud services, technology and web culture. ALIS approached Cayenne to assist with the exploration of growth opportunities in the Middle East, specifically a new software platform for the medical tourism industry in the United Arab Emirates. According to CEO, Sheikh Sadiq, “[Our consultant] took the time to understand our business, and develop potential solutions based on his experience in IT and software startups. He developed a pitch deck and financial projections for our investors and strategic partners that clearly expressed the strategic vision of our company.”

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Business plan for GameIQ

Loyalty and Gamification Mobile Application
San Diego, CA

GameIQ is a technology startup that leverages the power of gamification to enhance the shopping experience and deepen customer engagement by connecting merchants directly to customers via their mobile phones. The GameIQ platform combines the most successful principles of video game design, loyalty programs, and behavioral economics to effectively increase sales, lower customer acquisition costs, and maximize customer lifetime value for small and medium merchants. "Working with [Cayenne] was an absolute pleasure! We hired [the firm] to transform our initial vision into a detailed, precise and executable business plan. At the conclusion of a very enjoyable and educational process we received a high quality plan that played a key role in successfully funding our company. The business plan continues to be complemented by investors and top executives alike as one of the best they have ever seen," said Balazs Wellisch, CEO and Founder.

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Business plan for Video Gaming Manufacturer

Video Gaming Manufacturer
Video Gaming Manufacturing & Services

On behalf of several video-gaming terminal operators, Cayenne was approached to evaluate the considerations for a merger of operations to take advantage of economies of scale along with other potential growth opportunities in the state and region. In order to proceed with any consolidation, the executive teams needed to better understand how the businesses would be merged including but not limited to; customer contracts, revenue splits, legal, and compliance. “Cayenne was very responsive to our needs. [Our consultant] utilized his industry experience from working with past video-gaming manufacturers to help us put together an actionable, strategic plan for our executive team,” said the VP of Strategic Operations. “We had a basic understanding when we sought assistance and [our consultant] was able to take our vision to the next level. We are very pleased with the final results.”

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