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7 Facts You Need to Know When Creating a Mobile App

Here are some fundamentals to be aware of when diving into the mobile app market.


Technology news, reviews, articles, downloads, and much more. CNET "provide(s) you with information, tools, and advice that help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of your tech."

Commerce Net

CommerceNet provides "an open network of businesses exchanging services with each other." In addition, the company "invests in many types of endeavors, often taking an equity stake in companies in return for the resources."

IBM Research

"Our research activities span three disciplines: Computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics/business analytics. Each discipline contains associated research areas, or professional interest communities (PICs)."

Inform IT

Articles and tutorials for programmers and web designers. Free membership required to access most articles.

Joel on Software

A large collection of excellent essays on user interface design, growing and managing a top-notch development team, project management, and many other topics.

Killer Startups

" is a user driven internet startups community. Entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers are staying informed on up-and-coming internet startups using our blog platform, where internet entrepreneurs submit their startup to see what others think about it."

Microsoft Research

"Microsoft Research advances the state of the art in many computer- science disciplines. We've categorized our research into the following research areas. Some of our groups and projects span multiple disciplines and so are categorized under the corresponding research areas."

Organizations: SV Forum

"SVForum fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership within the Silicon Valley ecosystem of individuals and businesses participating in emerging technologies. "

Reuters Technology Business News

Reuters information on technology industry finance, news and issues.


News and issues "for nerds."

Some thoughts on mobile

VC Chris Dixon's thoughts on the mobile industry circa 2013, but still valid years later.

Web Design Business Legal Info.

A website that offers insight to the legal aspects of online businesses and what the best options for you might be. A quick reference guide for the do's and don't's of running a website. Full of resources for any other information on web design etc...

What your business needs to know about Facebook's EdgeRank

Social Media Optimization is the New SEO

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