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The Entrepreneur's Library - Startup Resources


Websites & Articles - Mobile App Builder is a rapid development, integration and deployment platform for delivering cross-device apps in the enterprise. It combines enterprise-grade integration middleware with a browser-based rapid development environment and mobile backend services to accelerate enterprise mobilization. enables developers and business analysts to rapidly create and run apps that help businesses of all sizes increase revenues and improve productivity.

Dynamic Drive

Free DHTML scripts and components to enhance your web site.

Free Programming Resources

"Free Programming Resources is a directory of links to free programmer resources and free webmaster resources for experienced developers and those learning programming, including free programming tutorials, free online programming books, free compilers, free interpreters, free programming tools, free source code and free webmaster resources."

HTML Goodies

Massive collection of tips, tricks, and articles for both beginner and experienced web developers.

HTML ISO Entity (Special Character) Reference

Listing of character codes for all special characters.

Inform IT

Articles and tutorials for programmers and web designers. Free membership required to access most articles.

Joel on Software

A large collection of excellent essays on user interface design, growing and managing a top-notch development team, project management, and many other topics.

Microsoft Research

"Microsoft Research advances the state of the art in many computer- science disciplines. We've categorized our research into the following research areas. Some of our groups and projects span multiple disciplines and so are categorized under the corresponding research areas."


Free, powerful database for Linux, Windows, and other platforms.

Online Tools for Startups

A remarkable list of software designed to help startups get off the ground quickly.


A free, powerful scripting language for creating interactive websites.


An excellent, easy to install, web-based remote database administration tool.


"Pubcon, the premier social media and optimization conference, is supported by the industry’s leading businesses, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines, and digital advertising, and offers an in-depth look at the future of technology presented by the world’s top speakers in provocative cutting-edge sessions."


News and issues "for nerds."


Tons of open source code to use in your projects.

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