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Established in 2001  •  $4.3+ Billion Raised  •  2,000+ Clients

Grant Writing & Fundraising Consulting

Do You Operate a Non-Profit?

Does your non-profit agency need assistance seeking grants and writing grant proposals?

Cayenne Consulting supports 501(c)3 organizations interested in pursuing funding from private foundations, Fortune 500 organizations, and the US Government.

With over 300,000 funding sources in the United States, a busy Executive Director might not have the time required to research and match projects with their non-profit. Completing grant applications or RFPs take a lot of time. As a non-profit relying on volunteer commitments, your staff might be already stretched too thin.

Our team includes expert grant writers who have successfully created winning proposals. We’ve helped our clients win funding from public and private sources by writing distinctive grant proposals that rise to the top of the pile.

Some of Our Non-Profit Clients

We’ve had the privilege of working with many diverse non-profit organizations:

  • Easter Seal Society
  • National Military Family Association
  • The Urban League
  • Arlington Housing Corporation
  • National Cathedral School

From national charity organizations to small community-based non-profits, we are ready to equip your team with a strong fundraising strategy.

Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Our services include:

  • Grant Research – By utilizing multiple public and subscription-based databases, we identify grants that match the mission of your organization.
  • Grant Proposal Writing – We tell the story of your non-profit, selling your group’s mission or special project as a worthy cause for grantors. We’ll demonstrate both your financial need and your solid track record of successes.
  • Grant Application Compliance – 60% of all proposals received by grant administrators are excluded from consideration simply because the grant writer didn’t follow specific instructions and guidelines. Our expert team reviews all instructions to ensure full compliance.
  • Successful Fundraising Plans – Not all grant funding should come from one source. Most foundations and government agencies require that a fund-seeking organization have a strategy to secure individual and corporate contributions. Some agencies require your organization to earn a certain percentage of income through services provided or products sold. By assisting you in developing an overall fundraising strategy for your organization, we can help you diversify your revenue streams to make overall funding a success.

Grant Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Grant proposals are denied funding for many reasons. Here are the top seven reasons:

  1. Non-compliance with grant proposal requirements – 60% of proposals received by grant reviewers are dismissed because the writer did not follow instructions.
    At Cayenne Consulting, we ask at least three experts to read the grant requirements and develop a checklist with the deadlines in mind.
  2. Reviewers did not understand your proposal – Grantors often utilize three or more people in evaluating and scoring a proposal. It is imperative that every document submitted articulate exactly why your specific program should be funded.
    We make certain that the average reader can read and understand your mission, how you help people and how many people are served by your efforts.
  3. Asking for the wrong amount of funding – If the grant is for $50,000, asking for $100,000 is the wrong approach.
    By seeking multiple grants, we can help you achieve your overall funding goals.
  4. No evidence of community involvement – What evidence do you have that clients actually want and need the service you’re offering? How do you know they’re going to participate? Are they forced by the court or school system? Are there barriers to a client’s participation?
    When we write your grant proposal, we prove that clients can and will participate in your program. If barriers to entry do exist, we show how additional funding can help you reach even higher goals.
  5. You have no evaluation plan – Like every investor, grantors want to see results. You must be able to prove that your service had a positive effect on people’s lives. Many require reporting as part of your agreement.
    We work with you to create measurable goals so the grantor can easily measure the effectiveness of your program. If your non-profit reaches its goals, it is easier to receive funding year after year.
  6. You don’t have the infrastructure to report results – Grantors want to know that the administrative, record keeping, and fiscal reports will be compiled and delivered to them in a timely manner. If you are an Executive Director with no support staff and no plan for administrative functions, you may not receive funding.
    We can help your organization create a strategic plan that will put the appropriate staff in place for your organization, creating job descriptions to facilitate the grant compliance.
  7. You have no plan for sustainability – Grantors want to know that you’ll be able to eventually sustain yourself economically. Proving you won’t need their funding forever makes you an attractive candidate.
    Even non-profit organizations need solid business planning. Grant writing coupled with a resilient overall fundraising strategy can make the difference between a growing non-profit organization and one that flounders.

Meet Our Non-Profit Grant Writing Specialist

Cheree Warrick, MBA, Business Plan Consultant

Cheree Warrick, MBA

Principal Consultant
Washington, DC
Cheree Warrick writes business plans and creates financial forecasts for companies seeking funding from banks and angel investors. During her 5-year tenure at a national government contracting firm, Ms....
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