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William Archibald – Senior Advisor

William Archibald, Business Plan Consultant

William Archibald - Principal Consultant
Austin, TX

William is a serial entrepreneur and technology executive with a track record of delivering innovative solutions on-budget and on-time. He specializes in technology trend analysis, product development, product management and business development.

William began his career as an embedded chip designer at Nippon Motorola, Ltd. with Sony, Canon, and Matsushita as clients. He transitioned to Emerging Technologies for Motorola, Inc. in Austin, Texas, tasked with finding "10-year-out, next-billion-dollar" opportunities for the company. In 1993, while at Motorola, William presented a future: computers would be mobile and wirelessly connected; content would be widely shared; media publishers would go mad in frustration and panic. Motorola, holding a leadership in computer technology, mobile technology, and networking, would be perfectly placed to take advantage of setting up secure toll roads in advance of this tidal wave of change. Motorola declined to pursue this proposal, and he left to found a company that eventually became GlobeSet, a provider of secure Internet transaction technology.

Prior to joining Cayenne Consulting, William was Managing Partner of a consulting company which provided drop-in executive support to early stage technology companies. His skills include patent portfolio development and developing product development designs and plans, business plans, business models, and marketing strategies in partnership with early stage teams.

William's technical experience includes semiconductor design, Internet secure transaction systems, enterprise and embedded software development, computer-driven invention, computational modeling of physical systems, cryptographic security, computational biology, digital rights management systems, computer graphics, and video compression.

William holds a degree in electrical engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and is fluent in Japanese. He is named on over two dozen patents issued worldwide.

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