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Werner Nennecker – Principal Consultant

Werner Nennecker, Business Plan Consultant

Werner Nennecker - Principal Consultant

Werner works with new management teams to develop a clear path to achieving their personal objectives for starting the business. By creating an accurate understanding of their market and designing a business model to serve it, management can improve their odds, reduce the investment needed to launch, shorten the timeline, and avoid burnout.

"Successful businesses, growth initiatives, and turnarounds start with a clear understanding of the market, competition, current strengths and weaknesses, and a business model that connects each of these with business objectives. Collectively they form the foundation of your business plan. All that's left is execution - sounds simple, but it's not."

In his experience, management teams often suffer from Confirmation Bias, false confidence based on limited knowledge beyond their specific expertise, and a lack of consensus on how to move forward.  Early decisions, or the lack of them, can send a company down the wrong road.  Some recover, but many run out of cash before developing a story relevant to customers and investors.

For over 35 years, Werner has founded and managed private and international public companies in various industries, including manufacturing, natural resources, and the tech sectors.  During that time, he and his teams have secured over $700 million to execute international growth and diversification programs in Europe, North and South America, The Middle East, and Australia.

Werner often works with Startup Accelerators and Investment Funds filling interim management roles or working with portfolio companies to develop and execute go-to-market strategies. Recent examples include Fintech, Industrial Robotics, Carbon Sequestration, Medical Cannabis, Hospitality, Clean Energy, and Social Networking Platforms.  

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