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It’s a Match!

Matchmaking for Entrepreneurs and Investors

We recently learned about a 12-year-old consulting firm that we thought our readers ought to know about. Personal Business Advisors assists senior executives who have left or intend to leave the corporate world for one reason or another and wish to try their hand at something that is a little more entrepreneurial. They assist their clients in finding just the right opportunity, whether it be a senior level job, an investment in a franchise, or – and this is what we found really interesting – an investment combined with a “C” level or senior position with an early stage company.

Over the years, hundreds of entrepreneurs have hired us to help communicate the business and investment opportunities represented by their businesses. Many of them are scientists and innovators, and really need both management talent and capital to achieve their goals. So, working with PBA might just be the one stop source for capital and management that many entrepreneurs are looking for. And, don’t think that PBA only works with executives and entrepreneurs in the U.S. In fact, they have been very active in a number of other countries throughout the World.

A testimonial from the PBA website reads “I would like to offer this letter of recommendation to you and the entire team of advisors at Personal Business Advisors. Raising funds and finding executive talent to join the start-up team at our software company is extremely challenging on our own and in these difficult economic times. I have been so pleased with the quality of service and the caliber of potential candidates presented to us over the last 3 years.”

According to ExecuNet’s 2012 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, the “top 10 industry growth sectors for executive hiring show continued strength in healthcare, technology and life sciences, but major gains are also expected for the manufacturing, business services, and consumer products sectors in 2012.” These industry groups correspond very closely with the profile of the entrepreneurs who visit our website every day.

We heard about Personal Business Advisors from Don Johnson who is, himself, a former senior executive with a major NYSE listed Fortune 50 company. Don is now an Executive Senior Advisor with the firm. He mentioned that “this is a terrific opportunity to bring together very talented senior level executives and just the right entrepreneurial experience.”

If you are a senior executive looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity where you can bring management experience and capital to an emerging company, or if you are a young company in need of experienced management talent, you should contact Don at donwjohnson (at) cox (dot) net.

Jimmy Lewin

Jimmy's background includes over 40 years in international, commercial, and investment banking, and nearly a decade as the principal shareholder and CEO of a rapidly growing manufacturing and distribution business in California. Today, Jimmy spends his time advising and consulting with entrepreneurs on matters related to business planning, as well as capital markets and funding strategies. Jimmy works with clients throughout the world in industries that include financial services, real estate, manufacturing and hospitality. View details.

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  1. This does seem like the perfect match! I can imagine that a senior executive might want a big change if the career has been primarily within a large corporate setting. The dynamics in a startup are so different from those in a large established corporation that finding that perfect match might be impossible without the help of an executive search company or in this case PBA.

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