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Category: Small Business

How Your Small Business Can Boost a Disadvantaged Community

November 18, 2016 by Nancy Clauss

HUBZone Workers

HUBZone small businesses reinvest in their local economies with sole source government contracts. Do you qualify for the program?

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It’s a Match!

January 17, 2013 by Jimmy Lewin

Matchmaking for Entrepreneurs and Investors

We recently learned about a 12-year-old consulting firm that we thought our readers ought to know about. Personal Business Advisors assists senior executives who have left or intend to leave the corporate world for one reason or another and wish to try their hand at something that is a little more entrepreneurial. They assist their clients in finding just the right opportunity, whether it be a senior level job, an investment in a franchise, or – and this is what we found really interesting – an investment combined with a [Read More]

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How Can My Partner and I Value Our Company?

October 22, 2012 by Jimmy Lewin

Four business valuation models explained

In a recent post, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, we talked about the problems that arise when owners of a small business don’t plan for the eventual change of ownership that always happens. In that article, we discussed the two owners of an 8-year old successful business.  The owners were unable to agree on the value of the business when one of the owners wanted to buy out the other. We talked about the need for partner-owners to create a buy-sell agreement early in the life of the business [Read More]

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Making Money in Pizza

September 20, 2012 by Jimmy Lewin

pizza restaurant business plan

My wife and I have eaten a lot of pizza this summer; way more than we usually eat. It’s not really a problem for us because we have gotten so much exercise hiking in the mountains. Our unusual pizza consumption occurred to me as I was evaluating a pizza restaurant concept that a prospective client presented to us for our evaluation. I’m not going to discuss the details here because it is proprietary, but I do have some thoughts on the pizza restaurant business that I wanted to share. In [Read More]

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Food Trucks are Hot!

September 13, 2012 by Jimmy Lewin

food truck business plans

Food trucks are the iPads of the restaurant industry. They are small, portable and very, very popular. We had a client recently who gave up his middle management job with a large communications firm so that he could purchase and run a food truck. He will operate the truck in Florida in the winters and work state and county fairs in the northeast in the summers. He intends to sell a lot of BBQ made from an old family recipe. I was reminded of this client just recently when The [Read More]

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chalk Fitness

August 29, 2012 by Akira Hirai

lessons learned from chalk fitness

Cayenne Consulting interviewed David Pollitt and Brian Nick, co-founders of Chalk Fitness. Chalk Fitness is a new cross training concept focusing on personal attention, community, efficiency, results, and value. Their first location opened on January 1, 2012. In many ways, this flagship location is a laboratory for perfecting an operating model so that the concept can be replicated for national expansion. Cayenne’s Akira Hirai became a member several months ago. Impressed with Chalk’s operations and its plans for the future, he sat down with the founders for an in-depth interview [Read More]

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Buying Out a Partner Can Be Tough to Fund

July 31, 2012 by Jimmy Lewin

Four business valuation models explained

An entrepreneur with a successful ethnic restaurant contacted us about writing a business plan that he intended to use to raise capital so he could buy out his partner. There are often very good reasons to buy out a partner, but this is a very difficult thing for a small business to do, no matter how successful. So, why should this be so difficult? Don’t large, public companies do it all the time? The answer is that while it is more common to see large companies raise capital to buy [Read More]

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It’s Your Biz – Real World Tips for Building a Business

June 8, 2012 by Akira Hirai

It’s Your Biz – Real World Tips for Building a Business

The leap from employee to entrepreneur is fraught with risks and uncertainties. And every day, newly-minted entrepreneurs charge into the startup world with little appreciation for what that may entail. As a result, many end up wasting tremendous time reinventing the wheel. Worse yet, they make easily avoided fatal mistakes and compound the statistic of startup failures. There are plenty of books that tell entrepreneurs to “pursue your passion” and “chase your dreams” but relatively few that delve into the practical nuts-and-bolts of building a profitable enterprise. In the New [Read More]

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7 Keys to Success in the Micro-Business World

April 9, 2012 by Marty Zwilling

Raising Eyebrows A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets it Right

I’m hearing more and more these days about a new type of small business, called a “micro-business” (or micro-enterprise). These are usually characterized as owner-operated, with five employees or less, and less than $250,000 in sales. With the low cost of e-commence entry, and powerful Internet technologies, they require minimal capital to start, perhaps as little as $500. I see the potential for these to become big business in this entrepreneurial economy. According to the Voice of Microenterprise (AEO) website, if one in three micro-enterprises in the United States hired [Read More]

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Proactively Protecting Your Brand’s Image Online

October 17, 2011 by Marty Zwilling

Wild West 2.0: How to Protect and Restore Your Reputation on the Untamed Social Frontier

These days, your online Internet reputation is your reputation. Of course, having no reputation is usually better than a bad one, but don’t wait for someone else to establish a good one for you. It’s time for every business and business person to proactively create a positive presence, before someone else puts you in a defensive mode that is hard to win. The first step in the process is to claim your online identity. This is simple in concept, but requires real effort and can be time consuming, and even [Read More]

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