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Building A Winning Marketing Plan For Your Startup

June 2, 2016 by Patrick Godknecht

Building a Winning Marketing Plan For Your Startup

Guiding a startup company to success is an uphill struggle no matter how great your ideas are. Great products and services deserve great marketing, and they can really struggle to find their places without it. Formulating a strong marketing plan is essential to launching your startup in the marketplace. Here are some tips for getting it right: Start Studying Your Customers Early As you may already know, one of the keys to successful marketing is positioning your products or services as ideal solutions to a problem your potential customers are [Read More]

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Pop-Ups Are Better Than Ads: How To Get “A Happening” Happening Around Your Startup

January 30, 2015 by Akira Hirai

The Beatles Double Decker Pop-up Bus

Is your startup stuck in the rut between a seed series and a Series A? Have you hit a wall with your social media engagement and are now struggling to find a way to provide fresh content and experiences for your customers? Or, do people love your product but fail to recognize and remember your brand? These are all common problems for early-stage startups. The truth is, you will not produce effective marketing until you really know your customer. What are their needs, wants, and interests? There is only so [Read More]

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Price Your Product to Capture the Value You Create

May 14, 2014 by Shyam Jha

value based pricing

Are you leaving money on the table by pricing products based on costs? According to Wharton marketing professors Jagmohan Raju and John Zhang, most companies either price their products and services based on their costs, or their competitors. They fail to capture the value they create for their customers. When asked how they set their prices, many executives throw their hands up the air and say, we don’t set the prices, markets do. They are wrong. Markets don’t set prices; marketers do. In their book titled Smart Pricing, Raju and [Read More]

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Guy Kawasaki’s Social Media Mantra

September 11, 2013 by Akira Hirai

Guy Kawasaki Startup Guru

In a new article on the HubSpot Blog, marketing and tech guru Guy Kawasaki breaks down his personal approach to social media across all the most popular platforms. Interestingly, Guy’s strategy focuses on Google+, rather than Facebook or LinkedIn. Wait a minute… Google+ instead of Facebook? As an evangelist for new technology, Guy sees Google+ as the Macintosh of today; it has a simple interface and deep features, but it is not as widely used. The main advantage of Google+ is its ability to become a platform for both private [Read More]

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The Marketing Maven: Part Artist, Part Scientist

May 10, 2013 by Shyam Jha


Fans of AMC’s Mad Men may be forgiven for thinking marketing is a glamorous field – a celebration of consumption and style in the ‘60s. Unfortunately, marketing in the 21st century has little to do with what is portrayed in this engaging TV series. Today’s marketer needs to be part artist and part scientist. Artist, because creativity is still a valuable commodity. Scientist, because analytics rule in the modern world of marketing where everything can be tracked and measured. Recently we came across a very interesting infographic in a blog [Read More]

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7 Steps to Effective Corporate Social Responsibility

January 9, 2013 by Akira Hirai

Corporate Social Responsibility

Usually, when you launch a business, you funnel your resources and energy into your company – not into helping others. Yet we live in a time when many customers judge companies by their demonstration of compassion and integrity. This has become such a fundamental aspect of the business landscape that there’s even a name for such initiatives: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Check the websites of most major companies and you’ll see content highlighting the work they’re doing to protect the planet or support their local communities. That’s because smart businesses [Read More]

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7 Tips for Small Business Branding

December 7, 2012 by Akira Hirai

Branding for small businesses

Compared to Fortune 500 titans, start-ups and small businesses often seem at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing. Big corporations have vast resources at their disposal; small and new businesses rarely do. Established companies can build their new marketing initiatives on an existing infrastructure, where newer companies must start from scratch with many projects. But a smaller budget doesn’t have to mean smaller results. The proverbial advice to work smarter, not harder applies to many aspects of marketing, and one of the best examples is branding. By selectively employing [Read More]

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Strengthen Sales & Marketing with a Messaging Toolbox

September 6, 2012 by Akira Hirai

Sales Marketing Messaging Toolbox

You know that smart and strategic marketing is critical to your business success. But one of the surest ways to waste money and weaken your brand is to recreate your marketing from scratch every time. When you shoot from the hip, you create inconsistency and confuse your target audience. The solution is to create a Messaging Toolbox for your business. A critical component of all small business marketing, a good Messaging Toolbox will save you time, unify your marketing efforts, and strengthen your brand. What is a Messaging Toolbox? A [Read More]

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Be Sure to Look Past Early Adopters For Customers

March 12, 2012 by Marty Zwilling

Diffusion of Innovations

For most new high-tech products, the first customers are always “early adopters.” The conventional wisdom is that early adopters are the ideal target for new products, to get business rolling. I see two pitfalls with any concerted focus on early adopters; first, the size of this group may not be as large as you think, and secondly, their feedback may lead you directly away from your real target market of mainstream customers. The term “early adopters” relates to the people who are eager to try almost any new technology products, [Read More]

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Openness Can be a Competitive Advantage

December 30, 2011 by Marty Zwilling

Openness Can be a Competitive Advantage

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 behind us, and the ongoing financial woes, there seems to be a growing population out there worried about all the people and companies watching to hurt them. Why is everyone so paranoid these days? My plea to entrepreneurs is to recognize it as an opportunity, and go the extra mile to make people’s life better rather than stoke the fires. I must be the only one who believes that most of the “watching” in the real world, and on the Internet, is done by businesses to [Read More]

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