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Want an E-2 Visa? Think Franchise.

January 30, 2017 by Jimmy Lewin

Want an E-2 Visa Think Franchise.

Many prospective clients come to us to ask for help with the preparation of a business plan that would be submitted as part of a petition (application) for an E-2 visa, commonly referred to as an “Investor Visa.” It is interesting to note that in many instances, these clients have no idea what business they should invest in. Perhaps they should purchase an existing business or invest in a startup. We always recommend that, in these cases, the client should consider purchasing a franchise that operates in an area for [Read More]

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Franchise or Indie?

June 24, 2013 by Jimmy Lewin and Akira Hirai

storefront for franchise or indie

We received an inquiry recently from a prospective entrepreneur who needed a business plan to submit to Subway in order to be approved to be a franchisee. We told him that we had done a number of business plans for the same audience and purpose, and that we would be happy to help him. Interestingly, he called back a few days later and told us that he was thinking about establishing his own independent sandwich shop rather than buying a franchise. But, before making a final decision, he wanted us [Read More]

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Consider These Criteria before Buying a Franchise

May 24, 2013 by Jimmy Lewin and Akira Hirai

Business Planning Criteria

We receive requests quite regularly from prospective clients who are interested in purchasing a franchise. Very often these are corporate middle managers who, for one reason or another no longer have an interest in climbing the ladder or participating in the corporate arena. Another category of people we hear from often are immigrants who wish to come to the United States and have determined that the fastest way to obtain a visa is through one of the business and investment programs that are available to immigrants through the U.S. Citizenship [Read More]

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You Want Franchise With That?

May 17, 2013 by Jimmy Lewin and Akira Hirai

Should You Buy a Franchise

We talk to many prospective entrepreneurs every week. Many have decided that they want to go into their own business and be their own boss. After that decision is made, they must then decide if they want to enter the business world as an independent by launching (or buying) a one-of-a-kind business or by buying into a proven franchise. We don’t have an opinion as to whether one approach is better than the other because there are so many issues (both personal and business) to consider. We believe that there [Read More]

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