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How to Win Government Contracts

November 29, 2016 by Nancy Clauss

How to Win Government Contracts

Are you someone a government agency wants to work with? If you know you are, this is how you can you communicate it in your bids.

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How Your Small Business Can Boost a Disadvantaged Community

November 18, 2016 by Nancy Clauss

HUBZone Workers

HUBZone small businesses reinvest in their local economies with sole source government contracts. Do you qualify for the program?

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Listen Like a Leader

October 25, 2016 by Nancy Clauss

Listen like a leader

With organizations and individuals so fervently focused on the bottom line, it’s easy to ignore “softer” goals, such as listening well. “All that touchy-feeling stuff is a waste of my time,” or “I’m too busy to worry about that now,” you might say or think. Think again! A focus on listening can lead to more effective teamwork, higher productivity, fewer conflicts and errors, enhanced innovation and problem-solving, improved recruiting and retention, superior customer service, and more. As authors on leadership development have noted through the years, listening is not just [Read More]

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4 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Business Plan Consultant

October 7, 2016 by Nancy Clauss

steps to business planning

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of becoming their own boss, of being a successful entrepreneur? Maybe you have worked as a top salesperson for many years and have faith in your ability to generate and convert leads. Perhaps you work in a small business and feel certain you could run your own, even better. Maybe love people, food, music, and drink, so the restaurant or nightclub business has always called to you. Or you have invented a better widget and want to bring your idea to market under your own [Read More]

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