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Introducing the All New Bacon Business Plan

Bacon Sundae

As most of you are undoubtedly aware, Burger King has announced the Bacon Sundae, a whimsical concoction of, well, ice cream, chocolate, caramel, and bacon.

Not to be outdone, Cayenne Consulting proudly introduces the Bacon Business Plan, available for a limited time.

“This plan really sizzles,” says Michael Brown, CEO of Boxo Tech Solutions, Cayenne’s first Bacon Business Plan client. “Our investors were completely floored by it. Before Cayenne came up with the Bacon Business Plan, you were limited to a few senses: sight, and occasionally sound and touch. This baby packs in smell and taste. It’s the complete package.”

Cayenne is currently experimenting with variations on this theme, including applewood-smoked, hickory-smoked, and mesquite-smoked.

On the other hand, turkey bacon business plans have been shelved due to poor feedback from focus groups. “Few investors are interested in projects with the word ‘turkey’ in the name,” said Akira Hirai, CEO of Cayenne Consulting.

Cayenne Consulting's Bacon Business Plan

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to heed the product warning label: “Keep Refrigerated. Cook Thoroughly Before Use. Keep Out of Reach of Vegan Bankers and Investors.”

Depending on the success of the Bacon Business Plan in selected markets over the summer, Cayenne is contemplating a nationwide rollout in late 2012.

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Original Publication DateJune 15, 2012
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