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Is this the turnaround?

Is this the turnaround?

We all know that entrepreneurs have had it tough over the past few years. But starting around mid-2004, my startup consulting company started receiving a flood of inquiries from entrepreneurs who wanted assistance.

VC activity in many sectors started picking up at around the same time. Erika Brown at Forbes reported that U.S. venture capital funds raised over $10 billion in the first three quarters of 2004, and were expected to raise as much in the final quarter, adding to the $75 billion already available for investment.

And 2005 is expected to be even better.

The IPO market seemed to perk up a bit as well, with Google’s successful IPO.

It looks like we may finally be leaving the nuclear winter behind and entering a new era for startups.

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Original Publication DateJanuary 7, 2005
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